Monday, December 31, 2007

Next-Gen Game Costs: A Burden on Development

According to BBC, an average PS3 game costs nearly $15 million to make - and that's before any marketing is done for the game. Not only is this bad news for gamers, as it almost ensures our store shelves will be stocked with sequel after buyer-recognizable sequel, but it's also bad for developers, who could go belly up after one unsuccessful title.To ensure that they are viable the developers must use advertisements to generate revenues. When effectively done the developers might earn because of advertisements, as pirated copies will also be counted in their data.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why Digg should ditch MSN and use Adsense

We all love digg. It keeps us updated about the latest happenings. But the advertisement on the Digg are painfully irrelevant.I clicked on this sony ad and I was taken to the page only to realise that it is for US residents. I don't understand why such ads are displayed in other countries.It is irritating to view such ads. On the other hand Adsense would generate the perfect ads.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

New year resolution of netizens to please GOOGLE

10- I will not sell or buy links
09- I will not be involved with any link farm
08- I will not use yahoo or MSN
07- I will not click on my own Adsense ads
06- I will try and increase my pagerank honestly
05- I will not commit the sin of Adwords arbitrage
04- I will not spam
03- I will only create quality content as defined by Google
02- I will not create any innovative portal otherwise Google might rival it. (eg.wikipedia & knol)
01- I will ,if I create such a portal, sell it to Google. (,doubleclick)

00- I will digg this !!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Paris Hilton is the most dugged celebrity

Whether you like or whether you don't you simply cannot ignore her. Be it on TV or in newspaper or on the internet she has the power to attract audience. On digg, she has become the most dugged celebrity of 2007 and with 4 days to go. She has approximately 2500+ front page stories at least.
So please don't disappoint her and digg this story.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Is Pakistan getting what it deserves?

It is no secret that Pakistan has been sponsoring terrorism from 1947. It was mainly targeted at India and other neighbouring countries. Now they are getting a taste of their own medicine. Bhutto's death is a very good example.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Brand Modi bigger than Beckham in Gujarat

Modi's victory has been credited to several aspects of his campaigning.One important novel and unique trick was the Modi mask.It sold faster than the Hritik-starrer Krishh masks in Gujarat. Modi, who is a political science student, has always used the principle of mass hysteria but this trick successfully marketed him like he is larger than life. He has got great oratorical skills but in this election he needed something extra. The mask ,which is the brainwave of graphic designer based in Ahmedabad Manish Bharadia made a hypnotic appeal on the voters along with the publicity he got from the media for both the good and bad reasons. It took him places where he personally couldn't go.
This trick can be used to a great effect by the candidates of US Presidential election 2008.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jessica Simpson’s New Movie Grossed $384 on Friday!

Blonde Ambition averaged $48 per screen on Friday for a total box office of $384. Based on an $8 ticket price, that means that 6 people paid to see the movie at each of those theatres, and only 48 people went to see the movie! That’s amazing! One of the worst performances a movie has ever had. And you thought Dus Kahaniyaan was a flop.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Why Narendra Modi re-election will humiliate USA.

Today is the D-day for Narendra Modi. Counting in Gujarat which is called as the political lab of BJP has begun. Exit polls show that it is going to be the closest election in decades. But Narendra Modi remaining in power would change the power equation in the central government. It would humiliate The US government as they had refused visa to him on pretext of the riots disregarding the fact that he was the democratically elected Chief Minister of Gujarat. It is as good as denying visa to a governor . US which is the ideal democracy denies public mandate is not a good sign as it is trying hard to preach democracy in several region.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Shane Warne to be spin bowling coach for the aussies

Shane Warne has been appointed as the spin bowling coach by Cricket Australia. Good for them,but they ought to remember that great players don't make great coaches(Greg Chappel,etc) and great coaches are not always great players.(Alex Ferguson,Buchanan,etc)

Personalized Custom Car Bedding!

Who doesn't like cars? You probably might even have their posters on you bedroom wall. Vision bedding provides Colorful Bedding of cars and other designs. Just submit your digital images or photos of cars to them and you will have your personalized Colorful Bedding of your image. You can also select from their own car themes and customize them. Products range from bed cover to pillow cover. My favorite is the "Home Stretch" Car Bedding (see picture). It shows two racing cars in close encounter. There many more of such creative and unique designs. Their designs are so futuristic that no one will think your car bedding is childish. All of their car bedding products are high-quality and made by them in the USA so that you can be rest assured of quality. They use surge stitching and top-quality fabrics that are extremely breathable, soft, and durable.
So this Christmas, you can give this as a gift to your loved ones who are car enthusiasts. The price range starts for most themes from just $49.95 !!!

Champion's league last 16 prediction

AC Milan vs Arsenal - AC Milan
Inter Milan vs Liverpool - Liverpool
Real Madrid vs AS Roma - Real Madrid
Manchester United vs Lyon - Manchester United
Barcelona vs. Celtic - Celtic
Chelsea vs. Olympiakos - Chelsea
Schalke vs. FC Porto - sorry no idea
Fenerbahce vs. Sevilla - Sevilla

Thursday, December 20, 2007

TATA to smooth driving and good environment?

TATA are soon going launch Rs. one lakh car. I hope these cars are not allowed in Mumbai. As you know, how a one hour journey takes up to 2-3 hours in Mumbai by road due to traffic , introduction of these cars will lead to utter chaotic situation in the city. I just wish these cars are only allowed in smaller cities and towns. TATA are about to buy luxury brands LandRover and Jaguar. Good,but please leave Mumbai alone.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

TFB: 5'9 Best Dunker In The World: T-Dub - 540 w/ 2 hands

Superb video. I got interested in basketball and NBA watching this.

Why Christiano lost to Kaka

Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Manchester United lost both world and european player of the year 2007 to Kaka of Brazil and AC Milan. Ronaldo had a great 06-07season. The only reason why he lost might be because of his antics on field. His repeated diving inside the box to gain penalty might have gone against him.
You might also remember that Ronaldo did not win Gillete youth player of Fifa world cup 2006. The honour went to Podolski of Germany.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Google might end up buying Wikipedia

In it's Official Google Blog: Encouraging people to contribute knowledge Google announced that it is going to launch service similar to Wikipedia. But I think it might not succeed. Remember Google Video, which was launched to rival the already popular YouTube. It flopped and Google, to enter video sharing business, had to buy YouTube. I foresee similar fate again for Google. It might buy Wikipedia to get in to the business of knowledge sharing.
To prevent this the founders of Wikipedia will have to put Ads on it's site.

Aussies to exploit triangular love situation in Indian cricket Team

Aussie cricket team,who are masters of sledging,and it's vocal fans have an interesting fodder to to talk about. It seems that a situation, inspired from bollywood movies,has been created in the Indian cricket team. Model-actress Deepika Pudukone was reportedly been seeing M S Dhoni. The cricketer had even invited her to see few matches.
But,recently in Yuvraj's birthday party, she played a perfect host,like any girlfriend would. I don't know what they are up to . But I just hope that this does not becomes distraction and we lose the series.
India is touring Australia for 4 tests, triangular ODI series and a twenty20 match.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Microsoft to challenge Google maps, buys Multimap

Microsoft buys European online mapping company Multimap. Google has in recent months shown how it can successfully integrate map advertising and search. Users can mark their business in it and connect it to their business.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Microsoft releases patches for December

Microsoft has released its monthly set of security patches, fixing critical flaws in the Windows desktop.

The December updates released Tuesday include critical fixes for Internet Explorer, DirectX and the Windows Media Format technology. Security experts say that the most important of these updates is the Internet Explorer patch, because it fixes four separate bugs in the browser. One of these flaws, relating to the way the browser renders dynamic HTML (DHTML) pages, has been exploited in online attacks, Microsoft said.

All of the browser vulnerabilities in this update are rated critical -- Microsoft's most serious rating -- for IE 7 users running on the latest version of Windows XP, Microsoft said.

Though Microsoft has assigned it the less-grave rating of "important," a patch for Macrovision copy-protection software that ships with Windows should also be given priority, security experts say. That's because criminals have already leveraged this bug in online attacks.

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India Pakistan third test match post mortem

India wins a test series against Pakistan after 27 years 1-0. Today India was on verge of winning 2-0 after spectacular bowling by Anil Kumble and Yuvraj but for the weather. But as always the ghost of playing safe returned. Kumble declared the Indian innings late and hence gave the bowlers little chance to take 10 wickets.
Rahul Dravid was attacked from all quarter when he took a safety first decision during the tour of england.
Pakistan were missing Shahid Afridi. His street smart bowling and power batting would have made up for out-of-form Danish Kaneria.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I told you so about Arsenal !!

Arsenal finally lost their English Premiership League match. I have already predicted their downfall.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Rahman more expensive than amitabh,shahrukh

Yes, it is true according to adwords. Advertisers pay more for keyword a r rahman than Amitabh and Sharukh. What is more abhishek is more expensive than Amitabh and Shahrukh but behind Rahman

Yuvraj versus Talent management company

Star cricketer Yuvraj Singh can negotiate a fresh contract with a new talent management company and his current agency, Percept, can not stop him from doing so, observed the Bombay High Court.

Currently, he is bound by a contract with Percept Talent Management Agency. This contract will expire on December 11.

However, he has already started negotiations with another talent management company. Percept had moved the High Court, saying that the existing contract had a "first refusal clause", which means he could not have a fresh agreement with a new talent management companies unless Percept had a chance to offer him better terms.

But Justice Dhananjay Chandrachud, in an order late last evening on Saturday, held that such a clause amounted to restraint on trade, which is not permissible under the Indian Contract Act.

Percept had asked the star for details of the contract that he was negotiating with another talent management companies.

His lawyer however assured the High Court that he would sign the new contract untill December 11.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Good alternative for Federal criminal lawyer

In our locality we have couple of criminal lawyers as well as civil lawyers. They might wear their black uniform but they seldom visit the courts. They make a killing by selling stamp paper and registration of properties that these lawyers don't actuallly have to practise what they learnt.
Good for them!!!!

Why margin or day trading is best in present scenario

Sensex is hovering around it's life time high. Stocks are being traded at a price you wouldn't have imagined three years ago. Foreign investors are pumping in lot of money. There are rumours that illegal money is fueling this growth. So, it is a disaster waiting to happen that the stock market crashes.
The best option is to make use of the volatility of the stock market and indulge in day trading or margin trading. What is more is that you don't need to have complete money in your bank account to do day trading. There are various products.
example: In one product in order to do day trading you may just need a percentage of the actual value of the stocks. It ranges from 5%-21%.What is more you can do this trading online and you just have bother about it during trading hours.
An average investor can make INR 250 to INR 100000 every trading sessions.
Philosophy of day trading is to buy stocks in lower price and sell it in higher price or vice versa. This can also be called swing trading. Most brokers,however square off before the closing bell ,irrespective of whether you are making profits or loss. so you must make your move before this. Hence, while doing online trading you must ensure that you have a good Internet connection as well as back up.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Free web based conferencing services

Sabeer Bhatia of hotmail fame is launching free web based conferencing services. The site will earn revenue from audio advertisement you will hear while using the web based conferencing services.

Search all Social Bookmarking Sites

I have just made a search engiene, you see on right, using Google.It is customized to search all social bookmarking sites like Digg,reddit,sphinn,etc.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Showing google products ads on adsense reduces profits

I had noticed for a particular post in this blog in adsense ad units most of the ads where of google's products. Ad links above contained single ad of google maps,in unit below it had of Adwords and on right side it contained a single ad of Gmail.So,out of 8 possible ads I got only 3. I know these ads are served according to content and they have the highest possible price, but due to the popularity of Google products I doubt whether I got any clicks.
I am planning to filter ads from hope to monetize further.

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Extreme fear of rejection. HELP!!!!

Guys I need your help. I have extreme fear of rejection that I,sometimes, don't even ask for my basic right. I don't have any girlfriend for this very reason. But that does not matter much as I am content in whatever I do. What troubles me is that I am afraid to even ask other bloggers for backlinks. I fear being rejected. I know that I shouldn't be afraid, as most of the bloggers are unknown and I may never come face to face with them.
But yet I cannot help it!!!!

Google to set up customer care service in India

In accordance with its announcement of bidding for the spectrum wave in America,Google is expected to setup customer care service in India. Most probably in the cities of Bombay or Bangalore or both. At&t and other wireless service providers already have their care service in India . But, these service providers have given contract to Indian companies to hire and train the executives.
However,Google which has offices in India ,might setup it's own call center as it has all the necessary resources

Saturday, December 1, 2007

How to punch Google for slapping

All those who are still reeling under Google's crackdown need to get united. You may have noticed that all the google owned websites have PR of 6+. Adsense has PR 10 while they have given a pagerank of 9 to yahoo publisher network. Now It's our time to take on the Internet Monarch . All you have to do is to remove all links in your site to google or just add no-ref or whatever that is ,so that their pagerank reduces and they get the taste of their own medicine.

Let us do it guys!!!!

Payperpost not learning from its mistakes?

You may have noticed by now that Google is penalizing bloggers by reducing their PageRank writing sponsored blogs through Payperpost. Google traces these blogs by the Payperpost disclosure badge. Logically,Payperpost should have asked its bloggers to remove the Badge. Instead, they have introduced Realrank which most of their Advertisers don't care. PPP reasoning is that,since,visitors visit blogs for real information ,bloggers should not cheat them with passing on sponsored post as their own post. Fair enough but they could have asked the bloggers to add a text disclaimer at the end of their post.
My advice to PPP to stop the badge policy.

Friday, November 30, 2007

India snubbed by AdSense ?

Adsense has launched video units in other "English-speaking countries" like UK,Canada,etc after the US. But,they fail to notice Indian publishers. India has more people speaking English than the UK. But they are still in no hurry to launch it in India.

La Liga history repeating in English Premiere league

This EPL season seems to be heading the previous seasons la liga way. Barca was trampling over other clubs but suddenly their form dipped and they failed to win any title and Real Madrid clinching the la liga . This time around I think Arsenal will go the same way. Their unbeaten streak has ended.And I predict Manchester United clinching the title like Real.

P.S.: I am a MAN U fan,so,pls bear with me for my prediction.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dhoni played dirty politics to throw Dravid out?

This is what the cover page of a popular magazine for the month of december suggests. I think we are reading too much about Dravid being left out. Let us give our cricketers a break.

Google - The Philanthropist

Google which has limitless resources is planning to get into a new business of finding new sources of renewable energy. The company announced that it will hire engineers to develop alternative source of energy . This help the internet giant to save millions of dollars in power bills required to run its data center and also initiate in corporate world environment consciousness.

Sops for exporters in India!! hope it is extended to bloggers

The Finance Minister of India Chidambaram has announced tax sops to the exporters to offset the losses they are suffering due to the weakening dollar. Its about time that our government woke up.
Now, I hope they give such sop to bloggers who earn in dollars through various programs .

ICL future of Indian cricket? Update your website first!!!

Due to increase in my anticipation of the launch of ICL, I thought of logging on to its website. I found it pretty good. But on clicking on the latest news I was taken to the 404 error page. Not a great omen for the league which takes pride in saying that it is trying to bring professionalism in Indian Cricket. And with a google pagerank of zero this blog and the website are on the same level.
And I still maintain that they should have thought of a better name for its teams

Monday, November 26, 2007

Britney to have a great year 2008!!! Chris Crocker rejoice!!!

Britney Spears had a tough year(2007). She was born December 2,1981. Numerologicaly she is ruled by 2,3,6,7. Her lucky number series are of 1,2,3,6,7 and unlucky series are of 4 and 8 .
1. Spears first album Baby one more time which made her famous was released in January 1999. Both the name and the year add up to 1.

2. Her second album Oops I did it again (adding to 6) in may 2000(adding to 1) gave her accolades from the critics.

3. I 2001 she signed a deal with Pepsi(adding to 7). In her 20Th year(adding to 2) she launched her third hit album Britney.

4.At 21(2+1=3)she was voted as the world's most powerful celebrity.

5. In 2002(2+0+0+2=4), she starred in a movie for which she received a Razzie and also her four year old relationship with Timberlake born on 31 January (making him number 4) ended. Remember 4 and 8 are unlucky for her.

6. Her next album's song Toxic (adds up to 2) won her a Grammy.

7. In 2004(2+0+0+4=6) she endorsed a perfume which netted $100 million sales. In the same year she got married to Kevin Federline.

8.In September 2005(adding to 3), she gave birth to her first child.

9. However,though her second child was born in 2006(2+6=8),she got divorced in the same year. She then went on to shave her hair.

10. In this year her age is 26 (adding to 8), she was involved in several controversial incidents .She also lost custody of her children.

11. However,her album Blackout (number 1)has earned her success.

So, 2008(adds up to 1) will give her good luck........Hopefully.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Goal a must watch for soccer fans

Goal is not a bad film but at the same time not a unique film either despite the focusing on a sport attempted very few times in India. However, the film isn’t a complete waste. In football terms its something like a midfield. Football is a sport witnessed very few times in Indian cinema and somewhere you can call it a brave attempt. The sports and the setting is unique but the plot however as mentioned before has been witnessed a number of times.
The biggest risk while attempting to make a sports film is that unless you make that extra effort to flow against the tide while writing the screenplay, it can get too predictable. And that’s exactly the problem with Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal .
Soccer lovers might prefer to watch the film as well as John Abraham fans. So if you aren’t too keen on watching Madhuri Dixit’s comeback next week then Goal is a safe bet. Or else just pick up the DVD of Chak De India !

Choos bite to Mumbai women

One of the world's most glamorous accessories -- the Choos brand -- is adored by celebrities, who are often spotted on the red carpet adorning the brand. But Choos come at a price.

The first store, which has opened in Mumbai, has plenty to feast your eyes on. The store is aesthicathly designed to make you feel like you're walking into a woman's boudier. And with exorbitant price tags, the wait is over for people who are brand conscious and don't mind splurging.

The inimitable, aspirational, posh and yet very unique, these ultra chic cocoons of pampering come at astronomical price. And if you can afford splurging, then you wouldn't need to know splurge on a first class international ticket to pick up your pair of choo's. With their first flagship store in Mumbai, no surprises for guessing as to why the financial capital of the country was chosen for the launch.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Earn money with payperpost

Need money? Blogging is the best platform to so . If you are like me who has been in this for more than a year but still not earning more than $10 a month from AdSense then Pay Per Post(ppp) is what you need. As in the case of AdSense you have to be dependent on your visitors to click your ads. So,if your click through rate is pathetic then you will earn your first $100 in about two years. The solution is that, if you have good traffic, then join ppp. I joined ppp for this very reason .I found this site while googling. With little hard work and dedication you can earn easily up to $500 or more. Converted to is equal to INR 20000. I wanted the money so that I can buy a Sony PlayStation 3. Other option was working in an organisation . But that is not possible as I go to college.
PPP is a service which connects advertisers with bloggers. You just have to sign up and submit your blog. If accepted you will receive opportunities suitable to your blog. You have the freedom to choose the offer which suits your blog's genre. Write about it according to the advertisers descriptions and requirements. Then submit it. If you follow the rules rest assured you will be paid. The amount you earn per post starts from $5. In school you might have written essays to improve your language but you were motivated by marks only. Here you are motivated by the cash you are going to earn. You must follow the word of mouth ethics.
To earn so much you just have to allot around one and half to two hours every day.
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BJP breaks it own record

BJP broke its own record of being in power for 13 days when BJP's first government in south India fell in just 7 days. BJP appears to have paid the political price for refusing last-minute demands from JD(S) chief Deve Gowda and his son and former CM H D Kumaraswamy to hand over plum portfolios of urban development, mines and geology.

Though never concerned about scruples, Deve Gowda broke fresh grounds even by his standards of political machinations by reneging on the deal with BJP.

He is being blamed for reducing politics in Karnataka to the theatre of the absurd with the former PM first refusing to hand over power to BJP in October, then making up and finally again ditching his partner — all in a month and a half.
I just hope the BJP doesn't carry this bad luck to Gujrat.

Sony corp. bows before The King Khan !!!!

Shahrukh Khan once again proved that he is the king of Bollywood. Sony corp. debut in bollywood by partnering with Sawariya went cold. Sony just managed to get back its dues because of its decision to release its movie along with shahrukh khan's om shanti om.
You may argue that sawariya had a new cast.Then you should take note that last year also during Diwali Janeman starring Salman khan ,Akshay Kumar was launched alongside shahrukh khan's Don. Don just steamrolled Janeman in the box office.
Please note that I am not a fan of Shahrukh Khan . I am only disappointed with film makers for releasing wrong movies at wrong time. GOAL which is being highly anticipated should have been released during diwali weekend. It would have given a chance to be entertained by good movie and not by the mediocre movies released.
It is interesting to note that Hollywood's King Tom Cruise is loosing his hold over his audience while Khan is strengthening his.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Bettercaring -service to take care

Bettercaring is a dedicated service,relaunched in October 2007, for anyone who needs answers to crucial questions about care for themselves or their loved ones. Using this service ,you can check out several options for nursing homes and choose a nursing home suitable to your needs.
There are several options to choose your ideal nursing home from between care at homes and residential care in UK.You can search for the registered one near you. The site provides factsheet regarding finances. It also has important links to agencies on getting financial services . You can see the pros and cons of each. The site has a community forum where you can share your views and experience.You can read daily news and updates regarding such homes. You can read frequently asked questions. Bettercaring also provides information about care assessments and also complaints.They also provide tips on healthy living.
This is a must visit site if you want information on care homes and healthy and happy living.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

American cleans Mumbai street

On the first day of the Clean Up drive, an American was made to pick up litter he threw on the street near the Gateway of India.there were several other cases,too. However, nobody was fined .
On the second day the agencies managed to catch their first big fish, which could well be a deterrent to people who dump debris. Marshals deployed by Vishal Protection Force (VPF) managed to stop one flying tipper that was dumping debris on the Goregaon-Malad link road at 3 pm.

Police Brutality

Left forced to accept US nuclear deal

Humiliated by Nandigram incident the Left have been cornered. They were trying to stop development in India . But now they have to accept the deal.

India's communist parties have approved the government starting crucial talks with a UN watchdog on a controversial civilian nuclear deal with the US.

The move by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's left allies has revived hopes that the deal is not dead.

Earlier, the communists had opposed the deal, threatening to pull out of the governing coalition.

This had led to the belief that Mr Singh may be forced to shelve the deal which he had described as a "landmark".

What a book !!!!!!! From fantasy land to thriller world

I just can't believe i was stuck with Harry Potter . I don't have much reading habits but I gave in to the hype and purchased the Harry Potter books. But thanks to my friend i purchased sidney sheldon's TELL ME YOUR DREAMS . This book took me out of the fantasy land of Harry Potter and intoduced me to fiction.

The central character of the book is Ashley. She is a workaholic. She suffers from a condition known as "Multiple Personality Disorder" or MPD (presently known as Dissociative Identity Disorder).
Characters involved are

Ashley Patterson
Alette Peters
Toni Prescott(Dominant)

Ashley is an introvert and a workaholic. Toni is very outgoing and dynamic. She can sing and dance. Alette is a very innocent and shy girl. She is an excellent painter.

Toni is angry with Ashley as they are completely contrasting characters. She always criticizes her in front of Alette. Alette keeps calming Toni down every time. Toni hates Ashley. Allete is neutral. But Toni and Alette are friends.

Ashley's fears that somebody is following her are confirmed when somebody breaks into her house and writes on her looking glass with a lipstick, "You will die." Many men are mudered. One common thing all the murders have is the victims had sex before the murder with the woman who murdered them. Who's behind the serial murders?

This book delves into the much debated topic of multiple personality disorder.
The courtroom scene and treatment is superb.


American students outsourced to India

After jobs ,students are moving to India. America has always got a large chunk of students travelling abroad from India. However in recent years it has reduced .
Now this reversal has taken place . There are reports that American students leaving US for India are increasing at twenty percent annually . It is because of good but cheap infrastructure in India.

Friday, November 16, 2007

zotspot: get paid to search OR search for a cause

Zotspot is a premium Internet search service that shares its revenue with its users. Users may keep their earnings or donate them to charities through the site. Users may increase their earnings by using the site as their primary search engine and referring their friends. User earnings are controllable, recurring and predictable. Zotspot is free to use. Headquartered in New York, Zotspot was founded in 2004.
Free to use, Zotspot provides users with a high-quality syndicated search service.

zotspot - get paid to search

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Google to pay searchers

My friend who works in Google in USA told me that Google is planning to introduce new experimental search types. Google is going to pay select searchers who apply to search and give feedback. Google will pay according to their work from $50 to $150 per hour via checks or will credit it to their AdWords account.
The application will be released in mid-December .

IPL teams in public issue

There are rumours that instead of inviting bids BCCI is going to issue a IPO in the BSE. So , all those who want the stars of cricketing world playing for them can bid for this IPO.
I just hope that they don't keep childish names to the teams like ICL did!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

IPL or ICL whatever!!! will fail

The media is abuzz with reports that ownership of teams of BCCI backed Indian Premiere league is being sought after several industrialist and teams of English Premiership league and National Basketball Association. But I feel that the league will fail as in case of other sports club matches are played more than than international matches . Whereas in cricket more interntional matches are played . In soccer hardly four international matches are played in a month and most of matches are qualifiers.So there is craze for club matches. In cricket, there are three format. So International matches plus club matches together will in end kill the passion for the game.
For IPL to survive it will have to eat into the market of international cricket especially of test matches .

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My first video

This is my first video shot with my cat.

Google To Launch New Handset 2H08

Taiwan's High Tech Computer Corp. (2498.TW) said Tuesday it is developing a new handset with Google Inc. (GOOG) for a planned launch in the second half of 2008.

The phone will run a newly developed open-standards software platform for mobile devices, called Android, the Taiwanese phone maker's Chief Executive Peter Chou said.

An alliance of 34 telecommunications and technology companies including Google and Taipei-based HTC developed the Android platform, said HTC in a statement. The platform includes an operating system, a user interface and applications for mobile phones.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Yawn!!!!!! India-pakistan 1st ODI begins

Thanks to India's 100% win record in twenty20 all ODIs with slow pitches and pace of game seem very boring. I don't understand why doesn't the ICC just discard this format.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sir Alex Ferguson gets all sentimental

It comes to something when Sir Alex Ferguson gets all sentimental about Arsène Wenger, but the distinct lack of genuine competition his side have encountered these past few weeks appears to have left him feeling that way.

Ferguson was reminiscing in his programme notes about "old times before Chelsea muscled in on the act" when Arsenal and United would take it in turns to go top of the Premier League. Much as Wenger had been relishing "the last question mark" which Arsenal's trip to Liverpool yesterday represented, the United manager evidently cannot wait to try out his new strike force against Wenger's side on Saturday.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ashop commerce-shopping cart software

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Shahrukh Khan and his one night stand with sports

It is irritating to see shahrukh khan in important India Twenty20 matches. He seems to be using the popularity of the format to promote his movie "om shanti om". He did this in the final against Pakistan wearing a t-shirt from the movie. In yesterday's match he made an appearance with Deepika Pudukone ,the lead actress of the film,
Looks like SRK has moved over "Chak De" and promoting sports other than cricket to taking refuge in the gentleman's game for his commercial interest.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Reservation in Private sector

Government of India Is trying hard to bring reservations in private sector.
Chandra Bhan Prasad, trying to justify reservations in the private sector by arguing that it will help companies:

It is in the culture of dalits that they are least likely to change their employment because they are so loyal to their masters.

I don't know on what basis he is saying that. Maybe because in the past the dalits who were ,unfortunately, tormented were still loyal to their tormentor. But doesn't this statement brings back to picture the unwritten commandment of how an dalit should live.
Amit Verma has correctly countered it by saying that in a competitive world profits can be increased by maximising efficiencies and that government should not force it on the corporates.
Government complains that good students leave India. If such policies are followed by them why should a student who pays high fees,cut through extreme competition remain in a country ,which does not need them.(which is being portrayed).
The Government crossed the line when they mooted the idea of reservation in Call Centers. Students from general category work in them to earn for their college. They need money to pay fees and donations,but dalits don't have to worry about these .
Chanakya has said "O wise man! Give your wealth only to the worthy and never to others. The water of the sea received by the clouds is always sweet. "

Friday, October 12, 2007

Manmohan Singh-No MARD KI ZABAAN

I have come to a conclusion our Prime Minister does not keep his words.

All hail our PM.
Jai Hind

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Andrew Symond abuse was not racist

Andrew Symonds who was subjected to monkey chants was not racist. I was part of the crowd . It started when just to create some noise every one was making some sounds . The monkey chant is the only one which sounds good in union and every one started chanting it. It was particularly targeted at symonds because of his long hairs and whatever-he-applies on his lips. We indians wouldn't taunt coloured men since we are the same.
This chant is connected to racism in european football ,hence,it was mistaken that we were racially abusing symonds.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Idli- sambhar --The symbol of national integration

Gone are the days when the heavy accented people from the south where looked as different people by the North Indians. After independence due to the exchange of ideas and people due to migration and films they came closer.
Proof of this is the popularity of idli-sambhar amongst the north indians . My mom makes it quite well. Result- she has to make for 10 persons even though we are a family of three because she has to distribute it to all our neighbours.
The dish is also popular amongst NRI's when they prefer vegetarian food. (otherwise it is chicken tikka masala ).
These days in metros big Restaurants provide them for an exorbitant price.
Idli-sambhar has surely come a long way from being a humble food served on banana leaf to the swanky hotels in New York.

Sorry state for India

It is sad that the UPA government are trying to wriggle out of the nuclear deal under the red bastions pressure. When will our politics be free from minority appeasement policies?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

ICICI to start overseas investing, the online broking arm of ICICI Securities, today launched its overseas trading service that will allow its resident Indian customers to buy and sell equities across 13 US stock exchanges, including NYSE and Nasdaq.

It’s uncertain how well overseas investment services will fare, given the significant gains India’s own Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange have seen over the past year, making the country one of the most attractive investment destinations worldwide. Market analysts say Indian investors’ lack of knowledge of overseas markets will also serve as a speed bump to placing their money in overseas equities and funds.

The Indian company is looking for similar tie-ups in other parts of the world, such as Europe, to allow Indian investors to buy equities listed on London Stock Exchange, or other markets, where the regulations permit such investments.

However,the forms are not yet available in most branches.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Want to become a reviewer?

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So, this service helps bloggers get paid to blog about product they truly want to endorse.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

International Non-Violence Day?, Tell that to cricketers

On the first ever International Non-Violence Day, things did not go out of control but match officials were on their toes to ensure that sparks flying all over Nehru Stadium does not engulf the second India-Australia cricket One Dayer.
It was the 21st over when Andrew Symonds stepped out to send Harbhajan Singh's second delivery soaring high over the long-on ropes. As the 'Turbanator' completed his over, he apparently had an altercation with Hayden, who was at the non-striker's end and their body language made it obvious that they were not exchanging pleasantries. And Hayden's swagger looked bit prolonged after he brought up his fifty with a mighty six off the off-spinner.
In the 43rd over, the local favourite sreesanth exchanged a few words with Symonds and the drama repeated again in his next over when Sreesanth made a prolonged leg before appeal against Brad Haddin and Symonds had something to say on that from the non-striker's end.

Eventually, Mahendra Singh Dhoni walked up to the pacer, asking him to keep his cool.
Sreesanth finally had his moment when he caught Symonds off his own bowling and went simply delirious. He was screaming at the top of his voice, while Symonds too left not before mouthing his parting.

United States C.A. accused of stalling once again

It is emerging that the review of the USA Cricket Association's constitution, which is the first and most important step towards the USA being readmitted to the international arena, is not going according to plan.

The entire review has been shrouded in mystery since it was agreed on in June, but it now seems that there have been setbacks.

The USACA executive has raised objections to the findings of the review committee and has, according to one source, deliberately hampered the process.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

BCCI scared of Aussies?

I don't understand the logic behind scheduling matches in places during its rainy season. I think, as it was decided before we won the twenty20 championship, the BCCI might have thought that the Australians will whitewash this series . So to prevent that the kept matches in these places.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

India world champions,Aussies world number one

India might have won the cricket twenty20 world cup but the Australians are still the best team in the world. It's like Roger Federer might have lost few tournaments this year but still he is the best.

India HALOed?

When will India be an important market in video games world. Halo 3 hasn't been released yet in India.

Microsoft Corp.'s alien-killer gaming thrill, "Halo 3," has broken the U.S. sales record for a new video game by garnering an estimated US$170 million in its first 24-hours on sale, the company said late Wednesday.

The performance beat the previous record setter, predecessor Halo 2, which raked in $125 million within 24-hours after its launch.

That's not all. Halo 3 has beaten other records as well. More than 1.7 million copies of Halo 3 were pre-ordered in the U.S., making it the fastest pre-selling game in U.S. history, Microsoft said. The game also drew over a million Xbox Live members to play online in the first 20-hours on offer, making it the biggest day for Xbox Live gaming in history.

The video game industry has enjoyed sizzling sales this summer in the U.S, according to the industry researcher, NDP Group. In August, video game software sales rose nearly 23 percent year over year to $488 million, while overall industry sales totaled $993 million, including consoles and other hardware.

Sales figures for Halo 3 were collected for the U.S. only, and the figure will likely stand much higher after Microsoft tallies results from overseas. Halo 3 launched in 37 countries at midnight on Sept. 25 and is available in 17 languages. It retails for around $60.

The title could go on to become one of the top international sellers of all time, but it faces stiff competition. The top selling console game of all time, not originally bundled with a console, is Pokémon Red, Blue and Green, at 20.08 million units, according to figures compiled from the Web site Magic Box's Japan Platinum Game Chart and its U.S. Platinum Videogame Chart..

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What is the stature of Twenty20 cup?Is it important

India has won the cup,but is it really worth the euphoria exceeding the 50 over world cup. ICC have shown in the past that they can give and take importance to a tournament when they scrapped the champions trophy. And this cup will be played again after 2 years. So how important is it?In contrast there was no euphoria when we won Hockey asia cup. This tournament has its importance . ICC should like FIFA world cup give a stature to a tournament.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dhoni the great

Thanks to Mahendra Singh Dhoni's fearless captaincy we have won the inaugural twenty20 world cup. Now I must ask the cricket fanatics (as if India are tired of religious one) who damaged his home to rebuild it.I hope next time (I hope not) India lose we don't return to square one.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Chelsea without Jose Mourinho is like a Religion without God . Now as we know how arrogant stars are you can guess how difficult it will be for the new coach Grant to control the highly paid brats. Jose used to control them with a whip but now god save the team.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Adios,The gentleman's game

Cricket used to be a leisurely game for the gentlemen of England.They used to say "well played sir" even if he clobbered the opponents. Nowadays the fielders are likely to comment something not fit to be broadcasted.
Five day match was supplanted by 60 overs per side match then by 50 overs per side match. It is interesting to note that the two counties England and south Africa who played the longest test during the "timeless era" are hosting the first two edition of the three hours format short enough to capture the eyeballs of soccer,football,basketball fans.
Now the time has come to keep the tickets of the test match as a treasure for future generation.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Indian Idol more popular than saregamapa.

After hearing Himesh Reshammaya and Bappi Lahiri bragging about saregamapa's TRP ratings I thought about researching the popularity amongst the reality shows. It was interesting to find that Indian Idol is far ahead amongst people who use google to search. In google trends if we rank by saregamapa I found out that Pakistan has the higest queries for indian idol even though saregamapa has pakistani contestants. When we rank by Indian idol saregamapa doesn't show in most countries.
I think both the music directors should stop shooting their mouth of regarding TRP's.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bad start for australia

Zimbabwe's young and energetic team has managed to put the world number one team Australia in back foot . This shows that twenty20 is good to teams of all tiers.
The current score is 78/4 in 12 overs

Thursday, September 6, 2007

How To Find MP3’s with Google

This How-To will teach you how to use google to find mp3s. This How-To will be highly pragmatic and will focus on the hows and not the
wherefores of the various search strings. Written by my_haz

= Index

0) Key
1) Directories
2) Xitami Servers
3) Directory Listing
4) Andromeda Servers
5) Zina Artists
6) Apache mp3 Servers
7) Individual Songs

= Section 0 - KEY

You this are just some definitions I will use below.

[Directory String] can be any of the following :
1) "index of"
2) "last modified"
3) "parent of"

[file type] can be any of the following :
1) "mp3"
2) "shn"
3) "wma"

[mp3 name] can be any of the following :
1) the name of the album in quotes
2) the name of the artist in quotes
3) be daring and leave it blank and have lots of links
4) be creative!

1) -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls

(inurl:) is optional and may be omitted and in fact most be
omitted if not using a search tool other than google.

(intitle:) can be used in place of (inurl:) and has a similar effect
again you must be useing google.

(-filetype:txt) adding this to the end of your search string can
filter some false positives.

(-playlist) adding this to the end of your search string can
filter some false positives.

= Section 1 - Directories

These are the most common way that mp3s are stored on the www, you
should try these strings first.

String Format :
Type 1 : [Directory String] + (inurl:)[file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 2 : [Directory String] + (intitle:)[file type] + [mp3 name]

Type 3 : [Directory String] + [file type] + [mp3 name] + [limitors]

Example Strings :
- intitle:index.of + mp3 + "grandaddy" -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls
- "index of" + "mp3" + "radiohead" -html -htm -php
- "index of" + mp3 + "grandaddy"
- "index of" + inurl:mp3 + "beatles" -txt -pls
- "index of" + intitle:mp3 + beatles
- "last modified" + "shn" + "dylan"
- "last modified" + inurl:shn + "bob dylan"
- "parent of" + inurl:wma + "grandaddy"

Suggestions :
- Try (intitle:index.of + "mp3" + "band name" -htm -html -php -asp) first it
is usually the most effective.

Another Little Trick:
- If you have been getting alot of results on google but the pages don't seem
to be there try adding dates and the "apache" string to your search i.e.

- intitle:index.of + mp3 + "grandaddy" -html -htm -php -asp apache feb-2005
- intitle:index.of + mp3 + "grandaddy" -html -htm -php -asp apache 2005

or if you just want a big list of mp3' doing a search like this everymonth
- intitle:index.of + mp3 + -html -htm -php -asp apache mar

= Section 2 - Xitami Servers

String Format :
Type 1 : "xitami web server" + (inurl:)[file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 2 : "xitami web server" + (intitle:)[file type] + [mp3 name]

Example Strings :
- "xitami web server" + "mp3" + "radiohead"
- "xitami web server" + intitle:shn + "beatles"
- "xitami web server" + inurl:mp3 + "magnetic fields"

= Section 3 - Directory Listing

String Format :
Type 1 : "directory listings" + (inurl:)[file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 2 : "directory listings" + (intitle:)[file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 3 : "directory listings of" + (inurl:)[file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 4 : "directory listings of" + (intitle:)[file type] + [mp3 name]

Example Strings
- "directory listings" + "mp3" + "radiohead"
- "directory listings" + intitle:shn + "beatles"
- "directory listings" + inurl:mp3 + "magnetic fields"
- "directory listings of" + "mp3" + "radiohead"
- "directory listings of" + intitle:shn + "beatles"
- "directory listings of" + inurl:mp3 + "magnetic fields"

= Section 4 - Andromeda Servers

String Format :
Type 1 : "scott matthews" + andromeda + [mp3 name]
Type 2 : "scott matthews" + andromeda + [file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 3 : "powered by andromeda" + [mp3 name]
Type 4 : "powered by andromeda" + [file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 5 : inurl:andromeda.php + [mp3 name]
Type 6 : inurl:anromeda.php + [file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 7 : "scott matthews"
Type 8 : "powered by andromeda"
Type 9 : inurl:andromeda.php

Examples :
- "scott matthews" + andromeda + "radiohead"
- "scott matthews" + andromeda + "mp3" + "fitter"
- "powered by andromeda" + "gradaddy"
- "powered by andromeda" + "mp3" + "just like women"
- inurl:andromeda.php + "shn"
- inurl:anromeda.php + "wma" + "dylan"
- "scott matthews"
- "powered by andromeda"
- inurl:andromeda.php

= Section 5 - Zina Artists

String Format :
Type 1 : "zina artists"

Examples :
- "zina artists"

= Section 6 - Apache mp3 Servers

String Format :
Type 1 : "stream all" + apache + [mp3 name]
Type 2 : "stream all" + apache
Type 3 : "shuffle all" + apache + [mp3 name]
Type 4 : "shuffle all" + apache

Examples :
- "stream all" + apache
- "stream all" "shuffle all" mp3
- "stream all" + apache + radiohead
- "shuffle all" + beatles

= Section 7 - Individual Songs

Format : [mp3 name].mp3 -playlist -filetype:txt

Examples :
- "ok_computer_live.mp3" -playlist -filetype:txt
- "*ok_computer*.mp3" -playlist -filetype:txt
- kid*a.mp3 -playlist -filetype:txt


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Roar like a lion , act like a Kitten

Manmohan Singh's goverment had made a big fanfare over their descision to implement 123 agreement with united states of america . But under imense pressure from the left (who I think are chinese agents) and muslim vote-banks they now descided to go slow with the agreement .
This proves that in India democracy is truly of majority rather than the righteous.

Monday, August 13, 2007

England series win not a substitute for world cup loss

India is on the verge of winning the series against England . We will have to bear for next two-three days on news channels coverage of Indian victory . They will take this as a gift to India from the cricketers on her 60 years of independence from the British . This I must say that ,just because India have seldom won a series in England , it does not mean that this win is great .
It can never substitute the the cricket world cup loss in the Caribbean .
They must win the twenty20 cup to be held in south Africa to satisfy the country .

Sunday, July 29, 2007

bomb scare at SIES college , Nerul

There was a bomb scare at my college when three sutli bombs went off in quick succesion. It created panic as it came just after 7/11 anniversary . The students behind this practcal joke ignored the sentiments of the mumbaikars who have for long suffered actual as well as hoax bomb blast. I heard the rumours that perpetuators of the blast have been punished .
The college is located at 19°2'34"N 73°1'25"E

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Google error? terrorist religion

It was shocking to find out that on typing Terrorist Religion in the Google search box and hitting "I'm Feeling Luckytakes you to this page . This page spews venom on Islam . I know many people have been affected because of them ,but , matter written on the website is unacceptable. Google needs to do something about this .
The website also preaches about Christianity as was done in the Middle ages .
And I am not a Muslim so i can safely say that we need no more such hate websites .
Let us Unite against Hatred .

Friday, July 20, 2007

Free from British , Now under a Italian

So Pratibha Patil will win the presidential election to become the first women President of India . Is it matter of pride ? I don't think so !!! She was nominated by the Congress party because she was close to Senorita Sonia Gandhi completely disregarding people's choice i,e Abdul Kalam the current President . Whether the allegations against her is true I don't know , but sadly I must admit we have again been colonised .

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Is there a relation between master blaster Sachin Tendulkar and the Bombay Stock Exchange [BSE] . Bothh are hovering around 15000 . Both started out arund same time . When sensex touched 1000 sachin acheived a century. Both went in same direction for some time . Then sensex just started adding points while sachin faltered . Then Harshad Mehta scam occured and and sensex crashed while sachin's carrer graph swelled . And now both around 15000.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

My favourite match at wimbledon so far

Yesterdays Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams match at Wimbledon was disappointing due to lack luster show put by Sharapova . But the match between Justine Henin and Serena Williams was fantastic and also the match between Nadal and Soderling . But i think the best tennis match of the tournament was the first round match between Carlos Moya of Spain and Tim Henman of Great Britain .

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Camera Phone can save earth

Almost every one have camera to record video in some form or other . It can be used to save earth . We see many people who even after so much publicity of global warming continue to burn garbage in open . My neighbour burnt his waste plastic bag in our complex which gave out black smoke . Small children who get joy in playing fire were throwing many things including batteries .

This things happen everywhere in India whether in cities or villages .

The government must introduce this scheme that whoever in any way polluting the environment is caught in video by any one in their camera phone or any other gadget will be used as evidence and he will be heavily fined . Half the fine amount should be given to the one who captures the video .

In this way these people will be scared in polluting the environment .

We have eight years to save the earth ..........

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Indian Idol popular in other subcontinental countries

It is surprising but true Indian idol has been searched more in Nepali and Hindi than in English . According to Google trends, it has been searched more in Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal and then in India .It has also been searched in Danish, Dutch, German, French, Chinese, Tagalog, Punjabi.

This shows that Indian Idol is truly popular television realty program .

US President George W Bush has said Russia has nothing to fear from a missile defence system to be built by the US, partly in eastern Europe.

Mr Bush said the Cold War was over and Russia was not an enemy of the US.

The president was speaking during a visit to the Czech Republic, en route to the G8 summit in Germany.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to aim weapons at Europe if the shield is set up, in comments seen as reminiscent of Cold War rhetoric.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Rude competition

The current trend in finding talent bu television channels have become rude . This i think was started by American idol . In India Sony's Indian idol copied it . The zee TV which was famous for finding singing talents also chose format which is being rude to contestants. Only difference in zee the judges fight a lot . Now Star's show is trying the same .
But i think the rudest show is MTv's roadies and Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen .

Google Hot Trends

Thanks to google hot trends , now , bloggers can write about those topics which are being searched by all. It will also help people from India etc. to keep track of what people are surfing abroad . It is a rival to yahoo's top online search .

Saturday, May 19, 2007

What is it with the ICC ?

ICC made the 2007 Cricket world cup too long by having 16 teams compete . That was one day match which lasts for about 7 hours . Every player and fans where of the opinion that the tournament is too long . But now when a shorter format of the game IE. twenty20 tournament is going to be held in South Africa only 12 teams will compete . ICC could have followed FIFA world cup's format and could have included 32 teams . There should be 4 matches a day with 2 matches to be held simultaneously .
then the knockout round should start . In this way many countries will get international exposure and more importantly fans will not be bored .

Friday, May 18, 2007

FA cup treat

FA CUP to be held at the newly constructed WEMBLEY stadium is going to be a treat to all soccer fans across the world . Telecast would star at 7:25 PM in India .I am a Manchester United fan and i hope that they win . It is a pity that Ferguson's men can't emulate their 99 treble . Chelsea have a good team and they have an edge over man u under Jose but when they take them on at wembley in front at 90000 fans history will not matter . It is apt final for the top 2 premiership team to meet each other at wembley in the oldest football cup .

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hamilton can better Schumi

With four podium finishes Lewis has made it it clear that he in the coming years will be a force to reckon in Formula 1 . I think he has all the talent require to equal if not better most of Michael Schumacher's records .

Maya shifts 12 officers, suspends 3

Mayawati wielded the axe with breakneck speed immediately after being sworn in as the new Chief Minister on Sunday as she transferred 12 officers and suspended two others.

Beginning her new stint in her trademark style, Mayawati also effecting a major administrative reshuffling in her secretariat. Into her fourth term as CM, the BSP leader also created the post of a Cabinet Secretary and appointed her principal secretaries.


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Microsoft Should Buy Yahoo

In the battle of online search, Microsoft is again courting Yahoo, according to media reports
Microsoft should acquire Yahoo! in order to fend off Google and solidify the software giant's Internet presence, according to a Friday report by Merrill Lynch.

“The possible acquisition of Yahoo would be a strategic positive in our view,” said Justin Post, a Merrill Lynch analyst and author of the report.

Post said that Microsoft’s goal is to make advertising a significant new revenue stream, possibly even larger than the core operating system business, and buying Yahoo! would be a large step in that direction..

“A Yahoo/MSN-Microsoft combination would have garnered approximately 41% share in the US of search queries [in April] versus Google (nasdaq: GOOG - news - people ) with 44%,” Post said.

Google is already venturing into Microsoft’s territory with the recent launch of their spreadsheet and their partnership with Adobe Systems (nasdaq: ADBE - news - people ), Post said.

Yahoo! would be Microsoft's best prospect from a strategic standpoint, according to Post, because Bill Gates and company could thereby eliminate a top competitor and because Microsoft’s search and advertising focus on personal computers, mobile dives and video games fits well with Yahoo!’s business strategy.

The latter company’s large presence in Japan would also bolster Microsoft’s business platform in Asia, the analyst said.

A good second option, however, could be eBay (nasdaq: EBAY - news - people ), he added.

“Worse case, an acquisition of eBay or Yahoo! could cost Microsoft $5 a share if completely unsuccessful,” Post said. “However, Google’s potential encroachment on Microsoft’s core software market, using Internet profitability to fund software investment, represents a long-term business risk.”

In a way, they’re two tech titans that could badly use each other: Microsoft (MSFT) and Yahoo (YHOO), both hobbled by an 800-pound gorilla that has come to dominate search.

According to newspaper reports May 4, Microsoft has asked Yahoo to enter formal negotiations for an acquisition that could be worth $50 billion. Yahoo's market capitalization was about $38 billion at the close of trading May 3.

Reports of the deal sent Yahoo shares jumping 17% in premarket trading, while Microsoft slipped 1.5%.

The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post reported Friday that executives of the two companies are in early-stage discussions of a merger or some other kind of collaboration, although Microsoft officials would prefer to acquire the company outright. The companies held similar discussions a year ago, but no deal came to fruition, the newspaper reported, citing people familiar with the talks.

Still, any deal is far from certain, the reports noted.

Among bloggers on the Net, there is plenty of skepticism about a merger because of the size of the deal, the differences in culture, the abundance of executive egos, and the redundancies in technology. "If Microsoft buys Yahoo, Microsoft should immediately spin the Yahoo-MSN business out as a separate company," says Henry Blodget, the one-time analyst at Merrill Lynch (ML), who now writes the Internet Outsider blog. "If it doesn't, both Yahoo and MSN will die." (see, 5/4/07, "Yahoo, MSN "Will Die"").

Microsoft is feeling increasing pressure to compete with Google (GOOG), which plans to beef up its portfolio with a $3.1 billion purchase of online advertising company DoubleClick.

Microsoft currently trails both Yahoo and Google in the lucrative and growing business of Web search. For its part, Yahoo has stumbled in recent years with a lack of strategic focus and laggardly technology at a time when Google has been able to monetize its search prowess to a degree that has startled investors.

Google won a search advertising deal with AOL (TWX) in 2005 that the Post said Microsoft wanted. In addition, Google has developed an array of Web-based software that, while not as robust as the tools in Microsoft’s suite of Office products, presents a severe future threat.

The Post story said Microsoft and Yahoo have held informal talks over the years and said Microsoft's latest approach to Yahoo signals increased urgency.

Earlier this week, Yahoo said it would buy 80 percent of advertising exchange Right Media for $680 million, increasing its stake in that company to full control.

Yahoo shares surged nearly $5, or 17%, to $32.96 at midday trading, near its 52-week high of $34. Shares of Microsoft fell 1.5% to $30.51

Thursday, April 26, 2007

AOL launches India-specific English portal

New York, Apr 26: AOL expanded to India Thursday with its first portal targeting Asia's growing online population.

Although AOL has been dropping its Internet access businesses around the world, it has been making a bigger push at delivering content through free Web sites in hopes of boosting advertising opportunities. AOL expanded its portal audiences in Europe as part of deals to sell off its access businesses there.

The Indian portal, launched Thursday at, is in English. Although only a small fraction of India's population can speak it, English has become a common language in business and government circles in a country with a slew of spoken tongues.

The AOL site offers free e-mail accounts, search services powered by minority owner Google Inc., and news and entertainment channels targeting Bollywood, cricket and other areas of interest to India's population.

"India is one of the world's fastest-growing online markets, and our India portal will help us compete for users and advertisers in this important region," Ron Grant, AOL's president and chief operating officer, said in a statement.

Grant and other executives traveled to India's high-tech hub of Bangalore for a launch event Thursday. Bangalore is also home of AOL's new international chief, Maneesh Dhir; before, the position was based at the company's global headquarters in Dulles, Va.

Separately, AOL unveiled a 'beta' test version of a new portal for the United States. Among other things, the test portal seeks to make gas prices and local news more easily accessible from the front page.

AOL also updated its Canadian portal, and updates to others are to come as AOL seeks to unify the user experience worldwide, while offering content of local and personal interest.

The Internet population in the United States has largely plateaued, with 70 percent of US adults now online, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

That means opportunities for growth are largely abroad. India has about 8.5 million Internet users, out of 1.1 billion people, according to government figures.

AOL also has portals for France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Austria, as well as ones in the United States targeting Latino and Chinese populations.

Google owns 5 per cent of AOL, with the rest belonging to Time Warner Inc.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Performance based payment to cricketers

BCCI decision to pay players on basis of performance will harm Indian cricket on the long run because players will become selfish . They might start plying for themselves . This system is good in case of club matches but not in international matches where patriotism is important .

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Smith predicts fireworks in Proteas-Aussies clash

Basseterre (St Kitts), March 24 (IANS) South Africa captain Graeme Smith is hyping Saturday's marquee Group A clash with Australia at the Warner Park as a 'cracker'.

'Everyone is looking to this game for a period of time now,' Smith said at the pre-match briefing.

'Back home (in South Africa), in Australia and in St Kitts, I'm sure everybody has been excited about the prospects of this game.

'It has the potential to be cracker. Both teams have an awesome of respect for each other; both teams have an awesome amount of talent. The quality of the wicket and the ground just bodes well for hopefully what is going to be a good game,' the Caribbean Media Corp quoted him as saying.

The South Africans were still to finalise their final XI but the Australians have already announced that match-winning all-rounder Andrew Symonds will replace last-match centurion Brad Hodge in their side.

'There are no real queries. The XI we put on the field tomorrow is the XI that we feel confident that will win the game,' Smith said.

'We want to win tomorrow (but) I don't think it would define the World Cup but it's an important game. As a team we are pretty relaxed about things. We take it as it comes.

'There are a couple of phases in the World Cup... this is one of them. There have been a few disappointments in the past but this team is different to those in the past. I have no doubt that the team has the potential to do well,' he said.

Smith said the fact that his top-order batsmen had scored heavily in the first two matches meant that the lower order had gotten the chance to show their mettle.

He said they were aware of the threat posed by new Aussie pacer Shaun Tait, who replaced the injured Brett Lee for the tournament.

'Shaun Tait has the ability to take wickets but he can also go for a few runs. We have respect for him,' the South African skipper said.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hansie and woolmer murdered

Former South African cricket captain Hansie Cronje and Coach Bob Woolmer were murdered by bookies to silence them. It is sad that Cricket is being destroyed by the match fixing virus . I hope ICC takes strict action against all those involved in this like the Italian soccer authorities .

Friday, March 16, 2007

ICC back to IMPERIAL ways

ICC without thinking much about cricket crazy fans of Indian subcontinent increased the number of teams in the world cup . they know that we will watch the matches and earn them advertising revenue . It reminds me of pre-independence era when British looted India . They further made last 8 league format rather than knock-out one . ICC in trying to capture new markets are ignoring older ones . With craze of soccer and other sports increasing in India it is time ICC takes notice.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Budget folly

The finance minister of India has increased IT exemption for men up to 110000 , for women 145000 , and senior citizens up to 195000 . I don't understand this logic .
Nowadays women work in BPO's and MNC's ,etc . They are earning a good amount . But whatever it may be their income is an extra income to the family .While in most family in India are patriarchal where only a man earns. His parents and siblings are dependent on him . He has to look after them . Hence , he ,too , deserves higher IT exemption . Senior citzens who earn that amount are well off and most of them have children's to look after them . Even if they don't this amount is enough for them . Further they get more interest on savings . The only worry for them is medical expense . But for that there is insurance .
The finance minister has pleased these well-to-do citizens while ignoring the widows of debt-ridden farmers who committed suicide of the vidarbha region . Many more senior citizens, their parents , are in pitiful condition .Hence , if the FM would have brought their IT limit on par with the men we could use the money for these poor people .

MBA from Bihar

It is interesting to note that Laloo Prasad of Bihar has been giving Dream railway budget in succession . You cannot say this about Chidambaram . Laloo learnt his management skills from murky Bihar politics . PC on the other hand learnt this in Harvard university . It is interesting to note that current Harvard students are coming to laloo to learn .
Moral of the story is join politics to manage successfully big companies .