Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sony corp. bows before The King Khan !!!!

Shahrukh Khan once again proved that he is the king of Bollywood. Sony corp. debut in bollywood by partnering with Sawariya went cold. Sony just managed to get back its dues because of its decision to release its movie along with shahrukh khan's om shanti om.
You may argue that sawariya had a new cast.Then you should take note that last year also during Diwali Janeman starring Salman khan ,Akshay Kumar was launched alongside shahrukh khan's Don. Don just steamrolled Janeman in the box office.
Please note that I am not a fan of Shahrukh Khan . I am only disappointed with film makers for releasing wrong movies at wrong time. GOAL which is being highly anticipated should have been released during diwali weekend. It would have given a chance to be entertained by good movie and not by the mediocre movies released.
It is interesting to note that Hollywood's King Tom Cruise is loosing his hold over his audience while Khan is strengthening his.