Thursday, February 28, 2008

Breaking News- My pagrank drops from 1 to 0.

Google has slapped me. My pagerank has been reduced from one to zero.

READ:My pagerank increase

Google trying to kick Microsoft's a** hard

Google is trying hard to stop Microsoft from expanding it's business in internet and also reduce it's dominance in software market.
Sample this
1. Google protests when Microsoft decides to provide LIVE search from desktop in VISTA.
2. Google partners with Mozilla to spread Firefox with their Google pack.
3. Google then partners with SUN to allow users download Staroffice rivaling MS office.
4. It provides Realplayer in Google pack to rival Microsoft's Windows Media Player.
5. It opposes Microsoft's plan to buy Yahoo inc. citing fears that Microsoft will abuse the internet like it did to the OS market.
6. It oppose OOXML's bid to get ISO certificate.
7. It buys out Jotspot to compete against Microsoft's cash cow sharepoint.
8. It starts Gmail which provides storage capacity increasing by infinity as against Hotmail's 250 M.B.
9. Google starts Docs and spreadsheets which allows users to create document online.

I will not be surprised if Google dares to buy Microsoft in next 5-8 years.

Google Code Blog: Google welcomes ISO decision on OOXML

Google welcomes the ISO decision to not approve the fast track of Office Open XML (OOXML) proposed standard DIS 29500 (ECMA 376).
It's engineers conducted an independent analysis of the OOXML specification and found several areas of concern, which we communicated both to the ISO and to the public. These include and are not limited to the following:

for a specification of this size it was not given enough time for review;
the undocumented features of OOXML prevents its implementation by other vendors;
dependencies on other Microsoft proprietary formats and their technical defects makes it difficult to fully implement; and
the overall cost for vendors of implementing multiple standards (hence the lack of OOXML implementations in the marketplace).
It is also incompatible with the existing ISO standard ISO 26300:2006, the Open Document Format (ODF), which already offers a high degree of interoperability, wide support, and offers the level playing field the world needs. Google is a supporter of ODF and has successfully integrated this open format into Google Docs and Spreadsheets. ODF also enjoys implementation in over twelve other products.

Read Google Code Blog: Google welcomes ISO decision on OOXML

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New search powers lead Firefox 3

The latest version of web browser Firefox will make changes to the way people search for information online, says its developer.

Mozilla has told the BBC's World Service that the new browser has been designed around the importance of search to users.

Firefox 3, currently going through its third stage of beta testing, will offer a combined search and bookmark tool via the url bar.

It will also allow offline working.
Firefox 2

Chairman of the Mozilla Foundation Mitchell Baker told BBC World Service's Digital Planet programme:

"It's clear that when people are looking for information on the web, search is the number one activity," she said.

"We've devised ways to bring that power into areas that are closer to your individual life."

'Faster, sleeker'

Typing "cameras", for example, into the url bar, will bring up a list of the sites that the user recently visited that have cameras in their names.

"If you buy shoes, that's all you need to remember - we will use search, as you've come to expect it, to help you find the places that you have been visiting," Ms Baker said.

Ms Baker said that other changes have been made that are invisible in terms of look, but will improve overall performance.

"It will be faster, sleeker, and even easier to use," she said.

"In terms of features, we've tried very hard not to bloat the interface but to keep it simple, the way people like it, and to have new things appear when you need them."

The other substantial change will be the ability to do much more offline, with the browser "remembering" key data that is usually lost when an internet connection goes down.

This is designed to allow the user to continue to work when travelling or in remote areas where wireless access is patchy.

Firefox is currently the second most popular browser, although its 12% share is dwarfed by that of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

It has, however, substantially grown from its launch - first as Phoenix in 2002, then as Firebird, and finally ending up as Firefox in February 2004.

Ms Baker said that when Mozilla issued Firefox 1 they had one staff member, but hundreds working on different aspects of it.

Now they have 150 employees around the world, and "tens of thousands" working on the software.

Mozilla is run as a not-for-profit organisation, and advocate of open source coding.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

How IPL must publicise itself

Big money has been spent by the franchisees to buy stars. But money can't buy you loyal fan base. IPl with it's international stars are already a hit in India, but for such a huge league being dependent only Indian market is too risky. How many do you think will bye original merchandise of the teams in India. Hence, they need to search for new markets. But most other cricketing nations are sceptical about this. In order that they benefit the teams can play practice matches with the local teams. This will benefit both. For example, English county is struggling and this will give them required boost. Also these matches can be held in the US,Canada which has huge amount of Indian expatriates. This will help publicise the league and importantly cricket.
It is similar to the English Premiere League's plan to play matches outside England.

Friday, February 22, 2008

50 per cent of borrowers take out fixed rates

When base rates were tumbling to record lows, record highs were seen in the take up of Uk Mortgages fixed rate deals. Everyone wanted to fill their boots with a low-low rate to give them peace of mind when the base rate started rising. In fact, the take-up of fixed rate mortgages has more than doubled in the last year.Some 50 per cent of mortgage borrowers opt for a fixed-rate product, according to the mortgages director at Legal and General.The reason for this is that Council tax, utility bills and household costs have risen by more than a third in the past four years contributing to a nervousness amongst borrowers about their debt to income ratio. This resulted in a "higher than expected" number of people choosing the security of a fixed-rate mortgage.
Gordon Brown says mortgages running for such lifelong terms will help avoid the dreaded 'boom and bust' economy cycle.
I myself have taken fixed rate loan for 6.5% for a period of 10 years.

IPL marginalises other atheletes training for olympics

Sections of India's sporting community fear that the cricket board's new professional Twenty20 league will eat into sponsorship revenue that could have gone to athletes preparing for the Beijing Olympics in August.

The multi-million dollar Indian Premier League (IPL), featuring a majority of the game's leading international players in the eight franchises, will get underway on April 18 and is poised to become one of the most lucrative sporting events in Asia.

India's thriving advertising industry sees the IPL as a potential goldmine in a retail-booming economy and the franchises are also looking to acquire individual sponsorships.

Road ahead for Blu-Ray

As HD DVD heads to an early grave following the loss of key proponent Toshiba, retailers have launched fire sales to dump players and movie titles in the high-definition format.
One of the key reasons Sony won the format war was the inclusion of a Blu-ray disc player with the PlayStation 3. Sony sold more than 2.5 million PlayStation 3s last year, according to the NPD Group.
Sony has long been associated with the Blu-ray Disc format, but HD DVD's demise brings new opportunity for the Japanese electronics maker to effectively take control of the future of high-definition in consumers' living rooms.
There is a concept rattling around the blogosphere that Sony’s victory over Toshiba in the war to define the high-definition video disc format is moot because soon people will be downloading high-definition videos rather than buying them on discs.
Most people are happy just buying a better DVD player, instead of spending $350 or $400 for Blu-ray.An upconverting DVD for $79 is a great value. It has a great picture, really better than an old DVD. You really see a difference.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Secured loans 'attract rejected credit card customers'

You might have experienced this. You have to big purchase during festive seasons, but as you do not have cash you end up paying with credit card. However, this money attracts high interests.What is more that if you default the company might reduce your limit. Due to this according to magicloans borrowers are now preferring secured loans instead of plastic money as they are being provided at attractive rates. According to, demand for the products on its website increased by 85 per cent in the quarter ending January 2008 when compared with the preceding period. The site also gives the data that a 17 per cent jump in the average UK credit card balance occurred during January 2008, reaching £2,168.
This is true as unsecured loans are as called "unsecured" for the credit card company. The credit card companies are not able to recover the dues from many borrowers. Hence,they apply high interest rate on money borrowed as they have to recover the lost money from others who pay.The Consumer Credit Counselling Service has this week observed that people with a number of credit cards may find financial management a challenge. However,Secured Loan is becoming an increasingly attractive option for a average borrower unable to get a good deal on plastic.Here, the lenders as well as borrowers are at peace of mind.

What IPL now require is hooligans

IPL has been a huge success so far.It has proved to be money churner for every one.You can say that it has become the English Premiere league of cricket. The twenty20 format will generate soccer style violence. You might have hooligans,especilly in Mumbai. With our trigger happy cops we can have Serie A kind of situation arising because of this.
I hope they have good preventive measures in place.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Apple lowers price of iPod Shuffle

Apple Inc. Tuesday said it lowered the price on its 1-gigabyte iPod Shuffle to $49 from $79, and is introducing a new 2GB model for $69.
The 1GB model is available immediately for the new price, and the 2GB model will be available later this month, the company said.
This will help ipod compete with low end mp3 players made by sony,panasonic,and many small companies.MP3 players are available from $10 in Mumbai.

Monday, February 18, 2008

FA cup quaterfinal draws

Championship side Barnsley have been rewarded for their stunning FA Cup win at Liverpool with a quarter-final tie at home to holders Chelsea.

League One side Bristol Rovers have been drawn at home against West Brom and in the only all-Premier League tie, Manchester United entertain Portsmouth.

In the other sixth-round contest, Cardiff City will travel to either Sheffield United or Middlesbrough.

The games will be played on the weekend of 8 and 9 March.

Blu-ray wins over HD-DVD

Sony's Blu-ray technology is emerging as the likely winner in the format battle for the next generation of DVD players after Toshiba appeared ready to ditch its HD DVD business.Such a move would help consumers know which system to invest in and would likely boost sales in Blu-ray gadgets, analysts say.Having one format should also help accelerate the shift to the new technology in the $24 billion home DVD market. But it will disappoint the 1 million people around the world estimated by Toshiba who have already bought HD DVD players.Toshiba Corp. said Monday no decision has been made but acknowledged it had started a review of its HD DVD strategy. The comments follow a flurry of weekend Japanese media reports that the company was close to pulling the plug on the business.Both DVDs can carry high-definition movies, but growing support from Hollywood and big U.S. retailers such as Wal-Mart Stores has given Blu-ray a crushing lead in the war.

Salty water snuffed out life in mars,what will happen on Earth?

It is reported that salty water killed life on mars. With global warming on earth the chances of sea water flooding in coastal region seems imminent. I just hope we can do something to prevent this.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

What At&t and other american wireless services must expect from India

At&t and other wireless service providers are trying to get in the exploding market of India. And why not? India added 83 million new connection last year and is set to overtake US as the second largest wireless country after China. But India has always been low cost consumer. The call rate here are at the lowest in the world and most people just ignore value added services like call-back tune,games,etc. For many mobile phone is just an instrument for communication. And with the Telecom Minister Raja predicting Re.0.10 and Re.0.20 local and national calling charges respectively, in near future the the cellular companies can only profit from the volume of subscribers. And with such low rates the subscribers are just going to increase by manifold. With the subscriber base standing at 237 million which will be tripled by 2012, it is the hottest wireless market.

Friday, February 15, 2008

piclens - a great mozilla addon

Piclens is a great mozilla addon. It helps you to view images of Google Images, yahoo images, photobucket,in slides. It has very futuristic look and you can browse through all the images with your mouse or arrow keys. The selected image gets magnified. Just search for "beautiful fireworks","gods own country","coral reefs",etc
Download here

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Discount on purchase from ESPN

When you purchase from ESPN products worth more than $75 you get 20 percent off.ESPN store hosts all the top sports brands like Nike,Reebok,Adidas,Puma,etc.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Mobile's day out

The first mobile phones to be loaded with Google's Android software for mobile phones have gone on show.

About a dozen companies such as ARM, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm showed off prototype handsets at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The free software system was launched in November 2007 and is being developed by an alliance of more than 30 companies including Google.

The first Android-enabled phone is expected to go on sale later this year.

Nokia has launched navigation tools designed to make the paper street map obsolete for pedestrians.

The firm's next generation of digital maps gives real-time walking directions on the mobile phone screen, just like sat-nav systems which guide drivers.

"Nokia is taking navigation services out of the car so it can always be with you," said Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, president and CEO of the firm.

"Struggling with oversized paper maps will become a thing of the past."

Ranbir, Deepika to endorse Pepsi with Shahrukh

Pepsi has roped in Bollywood's debutants Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone as its new brand ambassadors. The duo will be seen with Shah Rukh Khan in Pepsi's first campaign of 2008.

Ranbir and Deepika join Pepsi's brand ambassadorial team comprising stars such as Shah Rukh Khan, John Abraham as well as cricketers including Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Sreesanth and Robin Uthappa.

PepsiCo India executive vice president - marketing, cola Sandeep Singh Arora said, "The inherent qualities of Pepsi - the youthful spirit, irreverence and competitive streak, hold the key while signing on a brand ambassador. The brand ambassadors of Pepsi are not only the face of the brand but also help strengthen the brand's connect with its consumers. We are very happy to associate with Ranbir and Deepika and welcome them on board."

Kapoor added, "I am extremely proud to be associated with Pepsi - an iconic drink of today's youth. It is a privilege for me to join Pepsi's league of such eminent achievers. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Deepika as Pepsi's new brand ambassador. It has been a great experience working with SRK and Deepika in the new Pepsi Ad."

Padukone said, "I would like to thank Pepsi for choosing me as its brand ambassador. I have always loved the drink and enjoyed the youthfulness of its commercials thoroughly. I would also like to congratulate Ranbir on becoming Pepsi's new face. It was fun working together with Ranbir and Shah Rukh Khan in the new Pepsi ad."

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Indian Cricket's unsung heroes-Bowlers

India managed to defeat the Australians today on account of some uperb bowling display by our young Bowlers. In our country, we have always undervalued our bowlers. A psyche has been set that India' only strength is batting. True, Indian batting has always been in limelight due to the fact that batsmen had longer shelf life. Hence, they remain in the eyes of the fans. However, bowlers, especially fast, are retired due to stress and injury or after a bad patch are thrown out of the team, unlike the batsmen.
Good pace bowlers are alway associated in todays' world with Australia,Pakistan and even England. But we tend to forget that our bowlers,too, have won matches for us. Only difference is that due to the nature of team selection one bowler has never been able to stay in limelight for long.

Download CISCO eBooks for free

You can download Free CISCO eBooks from Cisco Press eBooks
The site also gives all information about Cisco certified exams and several other information about networking.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Trade in Forex from anywhere

The FOREIGN EXCHANGE (FOREX, FX) market is not a "market" in the traditional sense. In fact, it is the nearest to "perfect market" from economics perspective.
There is no centralized location for trading as there is in futures or stocks. Trading occurs around the clock over the telephone and on computer terminals at thousands of locations worldwide. Foreign Exchange is also the world's largest market.
Daily market turnover has skyrocketed from approximately 5 billion USD in 1977, to a staggering 2.5 trillion (and more) US dollars today. This is more than 100 times the daily turnover of the NASDAQ.
Most foreign exchange activity consists of the spot business between the US dollar and the six major currencies (Japanese Yen, Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar). The FOREX market is so large, and is hosting so many participants, that no single player, governments included, can directly control or make any significant influence over the direction of the market. That makes the FOREX market the most exciting market in the world.

Why easy-Forex?
Easy-Forex™ offers background information for the Forex market, Guided-Tour, seminars, one-on-one training, CHAT, telephone support, as well as other assistance tools, including technical support. You are never left alone to trade without help, if indeed you need it. Moreover, your personal Account Service Manager will guide you live, on your first trading steps, to help you get acquainted with the Easy-Forex™ system, and will answer your technical questions.


Easy-Forex™ executes your set rates, including Stop-Loss and Take-Profit rates, by using the latest technologies. We are committed to the principle that you should not lose more than your Stop-Loss amount at risk, as defined by you.


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you can, especially when you have no software to download, and you have the option to use your credit card for depositing the margin required for the trading. Please note that due to security measures, aimed to protect you, the Forex trader, the scope of deals on the first week of new users trading with Easy-Forex™ is limited. Such restriction will be removed after making a phone contact with our team.


The Easy-Forex™ system enables you to trade with small amounts as well. You can start using Easy-Forex™ even with an amount as little as $100! No bank would ever offer you such an opportunity! When trading, you may deposit the sum that suits you, or fits the amount that you are willing to risk. Starting to trade with such small amounts is the best way to get acquainted with the Forex marketplace. Much better than operating "DEMO" accounts, where you are not really risking your own money. After getting familiar with the system, you may increase your level and scope of activity, as you find fit.


Forex Trading is extremely Risky.

Friday, February 8, 2008

IPL schedule

The opening Twenty20 encounter in the Cricket Board-promoted Indian Premier League will see liquor baron Vijay Mallya's Bangalore outfit take on Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan's Kolkata side at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium under lights on April 18.

The final of the multi-million dollar League, as well as the two semi-finals, would be held in Mumbai - and in all probability at the Cricket Club of India's Brabourne Stadium, Lalit Modi, IPL Commissioner and Chairman, said on Friday.

"The final will be on June 1 and the semi-finals on May 30 and 31, all in Mumbai. We have the option of hosting these matches either at the CCI or DY Patil stadium (in Navi Mumbai). I guess they will choose CCI," Modi told reporters.

The IPL Governing Council had a day-long meeting on Friday with the eight franchise owners and representatives of the match staging associations for explaining the entire format of the IPL, the marketing strategy and guidelines, according to Modi.

"Seven or eight ICC Elite Panel umpires along with 16 Indian umpires would officiate in the tournament. The match referees are being appointed and we already have the anti-corruption and anti-doping measures in place," Modi said.

Modi reiterated that no national team sponsors would get protection in the IPL as demanded by Cricket Australia.

For complete updated schedule
Also read Why IPL model does not make sense

What is forex? Free eBook!!!

The FOREIGN EXCHANGE (FOREX, FX) market is not a "market" in the traditional sense. In fact, it is the nearest to "perfect market" from economics perspective.

There is no centralized location for trading as there is in futures or stocks. Trading occurs around the clock over the telephone and on computer terminals at thousands of locations worldwide. Foreign Exchange is also the world's largest market.

Daily market turnover has skyrocketed from approximately 5 billion USD in 1977, to a staggering 2.5 trillion (and more) US dollars today. This is more than 100 times the daily turnover of the NASDAQ.

Forex eBook - Read and Learn

Forex trading involves substantial risk of loss, and may not be suitable for everyone.

Forex trading involves substantial risk of loss, and may not be suitable for everyone.

Most foreign exchange activity consists of the spot business between the US dollar and the six major currencies (Japanese Yen, Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar). The FOREX market is so large, and is hosting so many participants, that no single player, governments included, can directly control or make any significant influence over the direction of the market. That makes the FOREX market the most exciting market in the world. Central banks, commercial banks, international corporations, money managers, speculators, and private individuals - all involve in FOREX trading.

Foreign exchange (FOREX) is the trading of contracts of currency pair exchange rate. It is a NON-DELIVERY trade, which means that there is no physical transaction of currencies, but it is rather an agreement, or "contract" (FOREX DEAL), to trade specific volume of a pair of currencies at an agreed exchange rate. The magnitude of such FOREX trade is that, in order to make the deal, only a proportional amount is needed (the COLLATERAL, or the MARGIN). Thus, if the currency pair exchange rate has changed by some percentage, the value of the MARGIN invested would accordingly change, however - in a much higher proportion. In fact, the actual change onto the Forex trader's investment (the MARGIN they deposited), will be the nominal change occurred to the exchange rate, multiplied by the MARGIN ratio (the leverage).

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For example: a FOREX DAY-TRADING deal has been made, for buying EUR100,000 against USD, on an exchange rate of 1.3500. The MARGIN required for this deal (offered by the FOREX Trading Platform) is of a ratio of around 1:100. Accordingly, the trader invests only USD100. After a few hours, the exchange rate went up to 1.3620. This is an increase of 0.89%, quite normal for the global Forex market. However, thanks to the MARGIN ratio (= the LEVERAGE), the trader's investment went up by 89% (since a leverage of 1:100 has been used)!! Remember: that can happen in less than a day, sometimes in hours or even minutes!

Same could happen in the opposite direction, however - the traders cannot lose more than their original MARGIN deposited (in other words we could say: you can profit unlimited amounts, but lose not more than 100%).

Note that the Forex trader may choose the direction of his deal (for example: either to BUY-EUR or to SELL-EUR in a EUR-USD deal), hence may profit (in case he was right ...) when the EUR goes down.

Forex eBook - Read and Learn

Forex trading involves substantial risk of loss, and may not be suitable for everyone.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

'Taare Zameen Par' becomes tax free

They say that great surprises come in small packages. But in this case, great surprises come because of small packages. We are talking about Aamir Khan and his maiden directorial venture 'Taare Zameen Par', which, even in spite of facing a lot of obstacles (like the ban of the film in Gujarat, the start-up row between the exhibitors and distributors on revenue sharing etc...) has managed to zoom its way up the B-O charts.

Now, 'TZP' also has a tax exemption in Delhi from today onwards. This is over and above the fact that the film has received a staggering response from all quarters, including the classes, masses and the critics alike. Aamir Khan Productions is now confident of having a further boost in the B-O collections. Way to go Aamir, and Darsheel!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Payperplay can mint gold this year

With big sporting events coming up this year like the Olympics and the Euro Football cup. But the problem with payperplay is that they are not in full force. And to cover these sporting spectacles they have to be in full throttle. They even have to include other languages to make lot of money.

Read Google must buy payperplay

Monday, February 4, 2008

Amitabh Bachchan's house attacked

The north Indian-Maharashtra divide took a another twist when Superstar Amitabh Bachchan's house was attacked. The star is from Uttar Pradesh. The political parties of Maharashtra are against immigrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sign up for 60 days free trial of .mac

.Mac is a membership-based service that combines the simplicity of the Mac with the power of the Internet. Use the .Mac suite of Internet applications and services to effortlessly share pictures, movies, blogs, podcasts, and more. Seamlessly integrated with iLife and Mac OS X, .Mac features one-click web publishing with iWeb, ad-free email, and much more.

.Mac comes with 10 gigabytes (GB) of combined file and email storage. You can increase your combined file and email storage to a total of 20 GB or 30 GB by purchasing more storage.

You can also purchase up to 10 additional email accounts. (Email-only accounts get 512 megabytes (MB) of storage space but no additional .Mac services.)

If you're a full .Mac member, you can upgrade your account to a .Mac Family Pack at any time. A .Mac Family Pack includes one full .Mac membership with 10 GB of combined email and iDisk storage, four .Mac sub-accounts with 2.5 GB of combined email and iDisk storage, and a shared iDisk folder for you and your family.

You can try a limited trial version of .Mac for 60 days at no cost. (.Mac trial members get 100 MB of storage.)

.Mac (Apple Computer, Inc.)

US-India ties set to go over the moon

On matters of space flights and exploration, India has put its cards on table for the United States to see - literally.

At a luncheon meeting on Wednesday hosted by a Washington DC think-tank on K-Street, better known as a hang-out for lobbyists than space buffs, the tables were all named after Indian space pioneers – Dhawan, Chandrasekhar, Sarabhai...

It was an audacious display by a country that till recently was banished from the US space business by a rigid sanctions regime that didn't allow the transfer of a screw, let alone its drivers. But this week, a top-flight delegation led by a person who an US interlocutor described as India's "Mr Space" motored into town for talks on India's mission to the moon and beyond, including Washington's involvement in the Chandrayan series of flights.

There will be two US instruments and experiments among the nearly dozen that will go onboard Chandrayan-I, but as India's space chief Madhavan Nair pointed out repeatedly, that reflects only a pittance of the potential for space cooperation between the two countries. Even with regard to supply of components, tight sanctions that are only being relaxed slowly have kept it down to $ 15 million annually when there is scope for $ 100 million.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

2 ancient shrines found in Thane,India

The sleepy village of Gunj in Wada taluka, about 60 km from Thane, was charged up after two ancient temples in complete ruins were discovered in the dense forest on Friday.
The revelation was made by senior BJP leader Om Prakash Sharma when he visited the village recently. “I had undertaken the task of renovating the Parshuram temple that is located in the Mandakini Hills. As I was climbing the hill, I came across these two medieval temples. They were in complete ruins. It is said that they were plundered by the Moghuls hundreds of years ago. One of the temples belongs to Shiva and the other to Renukamata, who was Parshuram’s mother,’’ Sharma told TOI.
Sharma has undertaken the task of renovating Parshuram temples in the state. According to him, there are only two Parshuram temples, one of which is at Chiplun in Ratnagiri district. Sharma had also embarked on a Parshuram yatra in November.
Lord Parshuram is revered by Hindus and it is believed that it was he who created the coastal land from Kerala to Gujarat running through Kokan. Kokan is also known as Parshuram bhoomi. There are also mythological references suggesting that Parshuram, who strongly opposed evil, was gifted his bow and arrow by Lord Shiva. ‘Parsha’, a weapon given to him by Lord Ganesh, gave him the nomenclature by which he is known. Parshuram is also known as the sixth manifestation of Lord Vishnu.
According to Sharma, the Shiva temple has carvings on its entrance and also has a ‘pindi’. The temples are located near a lake at the foothills of Mandakini Hills, which is on the border of Wada and Bhiwandi talukas. The idols from the Renukadevi temple were reinstated in 1732 by Chimaji Appa, a warrior from Vasai, who renovated the Vajreshwari temple after it was destroyed by invaders.
Sharma has planned a procession on February 17 to create awareness among villagers about monuments that lie hidden in jungles and other remote places. The village, which has a population of around three hundred people, is gearing up for the event.

What is with the cricket team

I think Dhoni must be rueing the fact that he kept The wall Dravid and Ganguly out of one day cricket team in Australia. India are 98/5 in 24 overs.

RBS six nations' official website

RBS six nation's championship is a premiere rugby tournament played by England, Italy, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and France. The official website gives you all the latest rugby news about the six nations' championship as well as the six teams. The website has a comprehensive list of the fixtures and results. You also get to see the teams standings. Fans can download wallpapers, podcasts, etc. and also take part in several competitions. You will also get individual player's stats, as well as, each match's data. You can watch the high quality match highlight video.It has got a superb Photo Gallery. Official and licensed merchandise can be purchased from the website. Fans can get a insight of the championship's history and also buy tickets for the upcoming matches. The website has interactive podcasts and exciting games for the fans.
The website is available in English, Italian and French and also loads quite fast.
So all you rugby fans out there visit the website and subscribe for all the latest rugby news to keep abreast of all the happenings in the RBS six nations' championship.

Adsense racist?

1.Well it has been quite a long time since, Adsense has introduced Electronic Clearance. It allows publishers to directly transfer their money to their bank account. Many countries like US,UK,Italy,etc have been included but India has been ignored till now. Even has started this and that to free if the amount exceeds Rs.7000.
2.Adsense have started Video units which are are customizable YouTube players you can place on yoursite; the player will play YouTube videos, and text ads will be
displayed within the player. It is available only in US,UK and some other countries. Adsense snubbed India even though it has more English speaking population than UK.
3.Now an announcement has been made that they will no longer support Adsense referrals in India.
Good News is that Microsoft is buying Yahoo. This might drum up Yahoo's YPN and it might come out of beta and be available to publishers outside US.
What do you say?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Chris Crocker is back

Chris Crocker is back, when Britney needs him the most.

Microsoft bids $45 billion for Yahoo

Microsoft Corp. made an unsolicited $44.6 billion cash and stock bid for Yahoo on Friday, a deal that could shake up the competitive and lucrative market for Internet search.

The deal would pay Yahoo shareholders $31 a share, which represents a 62% premium from where Yahoo stock closed on Thursday.

Shares of Yahoo (YHOO, Fortune 500) shot up 50% at the start of trading Friday, while shares of Dow component Microsoft (MSFT, Fortune 500) tumbled about 5%.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's chief executive, called the move the "next major milestone" for the software giant.

"We are very, very confident this is the right path for Microsoft and for Yahoo," he said.

Microsoft hopes to close the deal by the end of the year. Ballmer said that Microsoft has been in "off and on" talks with Yahoo for 18 months and said he called Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang Thursday night to tell him the bid was coming.

A Microsoft-Yahoo combination would create a powerful number two player in the online search business, which Google commands. The leading search engine reigns over 58.4% of the U.S. search market, while Yahoo has 22.9% and Microsoft's share is just 9.8%, according to comScore, a research firm that tracks Internet traffic.

Microsoft made the bid early Friday. In a statement, the company said the offer allows Yahoo shareholders to elect to receive cash or a fixed number of shares of Microsoft common stock, with the software giant's offer consisting of one-half cash and one-half Microsoft common stock.

In a statement, Yahoo acknowledged receipt of the offer and said its board would evaluate the proposal "carefully and promptly."

Both Microsoft and Yahoo have fallen far behind rival Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) in the lucrative field of Internet search. Yahoo's earnings and share of the online search market have badly trailed Google.

In a letter it sent to Yahoo's board of directors, Microsoft disclosed it had explored a Microsoft-Yahoo deal a year earlier, only to be rebuffed by Yahoo, which said at that time it was confident of the "potential upside" for Yahoo from operational changes it planned.

"A year has gone by, and the competitive situation has not improved," said Ballmer.

On Thursday, former Yahoo CEO and current Chairman Terry Semel, who opposed an earlier approach Microsoft made last year, resigned from the Yahoo board.

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Google must buy PayPerPlay to increase profits

There were signs of a slowdown at Google after it reported disappointing profits in its most recent quarter.
Google's profits were up 17% to $1.21bn (£608m) for the three months to the end of December.
Google's shares have fallen more than 18% so far this year on concerns that the slowing US economy will cause advertisers to cut back on spending.

Google's main source of income is through Adwords. Clicks generated on it PPC network Adsense bolsters it's profits. But lately, Adwords advertisers have been cutting ad spend due to various reasons. The CPC has also reduced. In this situation Google has to look at various alternative methods of advertising. Last year it bought digital advertising company DOUBLECLICK to increase profits. Doubleclick has the best solutions for banner advertising. Now greatness of Google's advertising is that even small advertiser can advertise and get good result. But, due to this big advertisers who spend big do not stand out.
Google should take over PayPerPlay Media. It is a unique audio ads concept which is contextual as Adsense. Unfortunately, PayPerPlay Media does not have the technology or the innovative power of Google to get huge profits. Advertisers spend huge on TV to capture audience. The super bowl is one event where ads spending rockets moon-high!! Youtube is one such part of Google that it can match Super Bowl. It's top videos has captured more eyeballs than Super Bowl. And with Google present in almost all major countries,it can easily deliver regional language audio ads which PayPerPlay media cannot offer(at least soon). Google can easily help advertisers target top sites like Youtube,orkut,etc and charge a premium. This will not only help advertisers get good results but also will reduce their unnecessary spending as small sites can be avoided if they want.
Also Adsense publishers will get even more ways to monetize their site.

Google profits disappoint market

There were signs of a slowdown at Google after it reported disappointing profits in its most recent quarter.

Google's profits were up 17% to $1.21bn (£608m) for the three months to the end of December.

Some analysts had been hoping for stronger profit growth and its shares fell sharply in after hours trading.

Google's shares have fallen more than 18% so far this year on concerns that the slowing US economy will cause advertisers to cut back on spending.

Investors have become used to Google reporting extremely strong profit growth.

Analysts say the latest quarter shows that even Google is not immune to an economic slowdown in the US.

As the US slowdown fear looms large it is better to do margin trading and book profits to buy stocks for long term when price of stocks reduce further.