Saturday, March 24, 2007

Smith predicts fireworks in Proteas-Aussies clash

Basseterre (St Kitts), March 24 (IANS) South Africa captain Graeme Smith is hyping Saturday's marquee Group A clash with Australia at the Warner Park as a 'cracker'.

'Everyone is looking to this game for a period of time now,' Smith said at the pre-match briefing.

'Back home (in South Africa), in Australia and in St Kitts, I'm sure everybody has been excited about the prospects of this game.

'It has the potential to be cracker. Both teams have an awesome of respect for each other; both teams have an awesome amount of talent. The quality of the wicket and the ground just bodes well for hopefully what is going to be a good game,' the Caribbean Media Corp quoted him as saying.

The South Africans were still to finalise their final XI but the Australians have already announced that match-winning all-rounder Andrew Symonds will replace last-match centurion Brad Hodge in their side.

'There are no real queries. The XI we put on the field tomorrow is the XI that we feel confident that will win the game,' Smith said.

'We want to win tomorrow (but) I don't think it would define the World Cup but it's an important game. As a team we are pretty relaxed about things. We take it as it comes.

'There are a couple of phases in the World Cup... this is one of them. There have been a few disappointments in the past but this team is different to those in the past. I have no doubt that the team has the potential to do well,' he said.

Smith said the fact that his top-order batsmen had scored heavily in the first two matches meant that the lower order had gotten the chance to show their mettle.

He said they were aware of the threat posed by new Aussie pacer Shaun Tait, who replaced the injured Brett Lee for the tournament.

'Shaun Tait has the ability to take wickets but he can also go for a few runs. We have respect for him,' the South African skipper said.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hansie and woolmer murdered

Former South African cricket captain Hansie Cronje and Coach Bob Woolmer were murdered by bookies to silence them. It is sad that Cricket is being destroyed by the match fixing virus . I hope ICC takes strict action against all those involved in this like the Italian soccer authorities .

Friday, March 16, 2007

ICC back to IMPERIAL ways

ICC without thinking much about cricket crazy fans of Indian subcontinent increased the number of teams in the world cup . they know that we will watch the matches and earn them advertising revenue . It reminds me of pre-independence era when British looted India . They further made last 8 league format rather than knock-out one . ICC in trying to capture new markets are ignoring older ones . With craze of soccer and other sports increasing in India it is time ICC takes notice.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Budget folly

The finance minister of India has increased IT exemption for men up to 110000 , for women 145000 , and senior citizens up to 195000 . I don't understand this logic .
Nowadays women work in BPO's and MNC's ,etc . They are earning a good amount . But whatever it may be their income is an extra income to the family .While in most family in India are patriarchal where only a man earns. His parents and siblings are dependent on him . He has to look after them . Hence , he ,too , deserves higher IT exemption . Senior citzens who earn that amount are well off and most of them have children's to look after them . Even if they don't this amount is enough for them . Further they get more interest on savings . The only worry for them is medical expense . But for that there is insurance .
The finance minister has pleased these well-to-do citizens while ignoring the widows of debt-ridden farmers who committed suicide of the vidarbha region . Many more senior citizens, their parents , are in pitiful condition .Hence , if the FM would have brought their IT limit on par with the men we could use the money for these poor people .

MBA from Bihar

It is interesting to note that Laloo Prasad of Bihar has been giving Dream railway budget in succession . You cannot say this about Chidambaram . Laloo learnt his management skills from murky Bihar politics . PC on the other hand learnt this in Harvard university . It is interesting to note that current Harvard students are coming to laloo to learn .
Moral of the story is join politics to manage successfully big companies .