Sunday, October 7, 2007

Want to become a reviewer?

Did you always wish after reading product reviews in newspaper and blogs that even you could write such reviews.You may have heard how powerful Bollywood bosses buy reviewers to write good things about their movies. That is unethical and you don't have to do that . You can get paid to blog about products suitable for your genre of blogging. SMORTY is a service that connects advertisers to bloggers. Advertisers contact smorty to advertise their products or service . In turn smorty contacts bloggers registered with them to write a unique post about the product. All the blogger has to do is to write about it in their blog and they get paid to blog. This an excellent alternative to Google AdSense and other affiliate programs . In smorty you have complete freedom to choose which product you want to write opinion post about.
So, this service helps bloggers get paid to blog about product they truly want to endorse.


AnyPrice said...

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