Friday, November 16, 2007

zotspot: get paid to search OR search for a cause

Zotspot is a premium Internet search service that shares its revenue with its users. Users may keep their earnings or donate them to charities through the site. Users may increase their earnings by using the site as their primary search engine and referring their friends. User earnings are controllable, recurring and predictable. Zotspot is free to use. Headquartered in New York, Zotspot was founded in 2004.
Free to use, Zotspot provides users with a high-quality syndicated search service.

zotspot - get paid to search

Zotspot makes money the same way all of the other major search engines do -- through advertisements in the search results. The key difference between Zotspot and its competitors is that Zotspot shares its revenue with its users. In addition, users may elect to give all or a portion of their earnings to universities, non-profits or charitable organizations. Zotspot already enables users to donate to more than 300 charities and universities. CLICK HERE TO JOIN
Payments, disbursed monthly through PayPal, are calculated based upon personal usage. In addition, by referring their friends, Zotspot users can add greatly to their pocketbooks or increase their donation to charities. Creating an account is quick and easy. All personal information is secure, and the data collected by Zotspot will never be sold or shared.