Friday, November 23, 2007

Goal a must watch for soccer fans

Goal is not a bad film but at the same time not a unique film either despite the focusing on a sport attempted very few times in India. However, the film isn’t a complete waste. In football terms its something like a midfield. Football is a sport witnessed very few times in Indian cinema and somewhere you can call it a brave attempt. The sports and the setting is unique but the plot however as mentioned before has been witnessed a number of times.
The biggest risk while attempting to make a sports film is that unless you make that extra effort to flow against the tide while writing the screenplay, it can get too predictable. And that’s exactly the problem with Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal .
Soccer lovers might prefer to watch the film as well as John Abraham fans. So if you aren’t too keen on watching Madhuri Dixit’s comeback next week then Goal is a safe bet. Or else just pick up the DVD of Chak De India !