Monday, November 26, 2007

Britney to have a great year 2008!!! Chris Crocker rejoice!!!

Britney Spears had a tough year(2007). She was born December 2,1981. Numerologicaly she is ruled by 2,3,6,7. Her lucky number series are of 1,2,3,6,7 and unlucky series are of 4 and 8 .
1. Spears first album Baby one more time which made her famous was released in January 1999. Both the name and the year add up to 1.

2. Her second album Oops I did it again (adding to 6) in may 2000(adding to 1) gave her accolades from the critics.

3. I 2001 she signed a deal with Pepsi(adding to 7). In her 20Th year(adding to 2) she launched her third hit album Britney.

4.At 21(2+1=3)she was voted as the world's most powerful celebrity.

5. In 2002(2+0+0+2=4), she starred in a movie for which she received a Razzie and also her four year old relationship with Timberlake born on 31 January (making him number 4) ended. Remember 4 and 8 are unlucky for her.

6. Her next album's song Toxic (adds up to 2) won her a Grammy.

7. In 2004(2+0+0+4=6) she endorsed a perfume which netted $100 million sales. In the same year she got married to Kevin Federline.

8.In September 2005(adding to 3), she gave birth to her first child.

9. However,though her second child was born in 2006(2+6=8),she got divorced in the same year. She then went on to shave her hair.

10. In this year her age is 26 (adding to 8), she was involved in several controversial incidents .She also lost custody of her children.

11. However,her album Blackout (number 1)has earned her success.

So, 2008(adds up to 1) will give her good luck........Hopefully.