Friday, November 23, 2007

Choos bite to Mumbai women

One of the world's most glamorous accessories -- the Choos brand -- is adored by celebrities, who are often spotted on the red carpet adorning the brand. But Choos come at a price.

The first store, which has opened in Mumbai, has plenty to feast your eyes on. The store is aesthicathly designed to make you feel like you're walking into a woman's boudier. And with exorbitant price tags, the wait is over for people who are brand conscious and don't mind splurging.

The inimitable, aspirational, posh and yet very unique, these ultra chic cocoons of pampering come at astronomical price. And if you can afford splurging, then you wouldn't need to know splurge on a first class international ticket to pick up your pair of choo's. With their first flagship store in Mumbai, no surprises for guessing as to why the financial capital of the country was chosen for the launch.