Tuesday, November 13, 2007

IPL or ICL whatever!!! will fail

The media is abuzz with reports that ownership of teams of BCCI backed Indian Premiere league is being sought after several industrialist and teams of English Premiership league and National Basketball Association. But I feel that the league will fail as in case of other sports club matches are played more than than international matches . Whereas in cricket more interntional matches are played . In soccer hardly four international matches are played in a month and most of matches are qualifiers.So there is craze for club matches. In cricket, there are three format. So International matches plus club matches together will in end kill the passion for the game.
For IPL to survive it will have to eat into the market of international cricket especially of test matches .


idurrani said...

Yes, this is true. Well said Arun!

I am happy that I got to read someone's blog who agrees to my ideas about IPL..

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