Saturday, December 1, 2007

How to punch Google for slapping

All those who are still reeling under Google's crackdown need to get united. You may have noticed that all the google owned websites have PR of 6+. Adsense has PR 10 while they have given a pagerank of 9 to yahoo publisher network. Now It's our time to take on the Internet Monarch . All you have to do is to remove all links in your site to google or just add no-ref or whatever that is ,so that their pagerank reduces and they get the taste of their own medicine.

Let us do it guys!!!!


airraid81 said...

I'm pretty sure Google can give themselves whatever PR they want just as they can punish people for various infractions.

Anyway, I don't know anyone who actually links to a search engine or a page of search results, or Adwords for that matter, except a make money blogger.

I bet you use Google for searching, right? You use them for your ads, too, and you're using them for blogging. You're helping power them. If you want to take control back, you need to stop using them for anythting, so that they have no influence over anyone. No traffic means no one cares whether Google penalizes them. Needless to say, that won't happen because Google has the best products.

arun kamath said...

You are right they have the best products and services. That means they have enough power to screw anyone,anytime. Maybe this why we learn in History, why some people where against monopoly!!!