Thursday, January 31, 2008 Inc. to buy Audible Inc Inc. will buy digital audiobook provider Audible Inc. in a deal worth about $300 million that expands its push into digital content and ratchets up its rivalry with Apple Inc.

Audible, based in Newark, N.J., sells thousands of audiobooks.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ebay changes listing price

Under the old rules, for example, selling a purse at auction for $25 would have cost the seller $1.91, including 60 cents for listing the item plus eBay's commission of $1.31. Under the new structure, the seller would pay $2.74, including 55 cents to list the item plus a higher commission of $2.19.
EBay's commissions will rise on items auctioned for less than $1,000 or sold at fixed prices lower than $100, while eBay's cut on more expensive auction items will remain 1.5 percent. It will take less off the top of higher-end fixed-price sales - 2 percent or 4 percent, rather than 3 percent or 5 percent.
One of its main rivals in fixed-price sales, Inc., charges no fee at all to list an item, though it charges a commission as high as 15 percent.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

After Feb 1,Digg and other sites will be spammed.

The most hyped intrusive advertising is here. Audio ads will be played whenever a visitor visits the site from February 1. The audio will be of 5 seconds.
Now, what is better source of traffic than the social networking sites. Just imagine how much a front page story can give you traffic. It is estimated that a front page story generates around 50000+ page views. It is estimated that every ad play will give you 0.01 to 0.03. Assume it is 0.01. Therefore for 50000 it will be $500. Whew!! Even the most successful webmaster will tell you that to earn this kind of money through Adsense in short time is very difficult. Even though if you don't get a front page even 100 views a day is very good.And remember I took the value of per ad play as 0.01, imagine after it becomes successful and the rate increases.
Living of the net has never been so easy!!!!
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Monday, January 28, 2008

From Googler to stubborn Stumbler !!!

I used to Google whenever I wanted to find new websites.And if I am lucky could find good sites on first three result pages. Then chances of discovering good sites was limited. Then I joined stumbleupon few days ago and my online time spending changed for good. Now I am discovering (stumbling, actually) great sites, instead of searching for new sites half my online time.
Visit my profile.

What colours mean ?

Black is the color of authority and power. It is popular in fashion because it makes people appear thinner. It is also stylish and timeless. Black also implies submission. Priests wear black to signify submission to God. Some fashion experts say a woman wearing black implies submission to men. Black outfits can also be overpowering, or make the wearer seem aloof or evil. Villains, such as Dracula, often wear black.

Brides wear white to symbolize innocence and purity. White reflects light and is considered a summer color. White is popular in decorating and in fashion because it is light, neutral, and goes with everything. However, white shows dirt and is therefore more difficult to keep clean than other colors. Doctors and nurses wear white to imply sterility.

The most emotionally intense color, red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. It is also the color of love. Red clothing gets noticed and makes the wearer appear heavier. Since it is an extreme color, red clothing might not help people in negotiations or confrontations. Red cars are popular targets for thieves. In decorating, red is usually used as an accent. Decorators say that red furniture should be perfect since it will attract attention.

The most romantic color, pink, is more tranquilizing. Sports teams sometimes paint the locker rooms used by opposing teams bright pink so their opponents will lose energy.

The color of the sky and the ocean, blue is one of the most popular colors. It causes the opposite reaction as red. Peaceful, tranquil blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals, so it is often used in bedrooms. Blue can also be cold and depressing. Fashion consultants recommend wearing blue to job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty. People are more productive in blue rooms. Studies show weightlifters are able to handle heavier weights in blue gyms.

Currently the most popular decorating color, green symbolizes nature. It is the easiest color on the eye and can improve vision. It is a calming, refreshing color. People waiting to appear on TV sit in "green rooms" to relax. Hospitals often use green because it relaxes patients. Brides in the Middle Ages wore green to symbolize fertility. Dark green is masculine, conservative, and implies wealth. However, seamstresses often refuse to use green thread on the eve of a fashion show for fear it will bring bad luck.

Cheerful sunny yellow is an attention getter. While it is considered an optimistic color, people lose their tempers more often in yellow rooms, and babies will cry more. It is the most difficult color for the eye to take in, so it can be overpowering if overused. Yellow enhances concentration, hence its use for legal pads. It also speeds metabolism.

The color of royalty, purple connotes luxury, wealth, and sophistication. It is also feminine and romantic. However, because it is rare in nature, purple can appear artificial.

Solid, reliable brown is the color of earth and is abundant in nature. Light brown implies genuineness while dark brown is similar to wood or leather. Brown can also be sad and wistful. Men are more apt to say brown is one of their favorite colors.

What colors mean ?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Who is the greatest man? here's google's answer

Here is the list that google gives
1.Reba Mcentire
3.Prophet Muhammad
4.George Washington
5.(other links)
6. "
7. "
8. "
9. "

Saturday, January 26, 2008

My favourite photo of digg 2007

Here is my favourite photo from Digg.

Does the IPL model make sense?

After the emergence of the Indian Premier League, BCCI secretary Niranjan Shah had grandly announced: "Indian cricket is now worth a billion dollars every year." So where is all this money to come from and where will it go? What’s the ‘business model’ of the IPL? Is there any way the franchisees who have bid millions of dollars a year can make money?

To get a fix on the answers to these questions, let's start from the source of the river of moolah. The IPL - read BCCI - has four major sources of revenue. The first is the sale of media rights for the matches, which will fetch the board $1 billion over a 10-year period. The second includes things like title sponsorship of the tournament, licensed merchandise and so on. Put together, these form what the IPL calls "central revenues".

From the sale of media rights, IPL will keep 20% for itself, give out 8% as prize money for the tournament and distribute the remaining 72% evenly between the 8 franchisees. These proportions are valid till 2012, after which IPL’s share goes up in two stages by 2018, with the shares of both prize money and franchisees declining.

The second stream - other central revenues - will be shared between IPL, franchisees and prize money in the ratio 40:54:6 up to 2017 after which IPL’s share will increase to 50%, the franchisees’ share will drop to 45% and the remaining 5% will go for prize money. The third major source is, of course, the amounts bid by the franchisees. The fourth stream comes from the revenues generated by the franchisee rights, of which 20% will be given to IPL.

From the franchisees’ perspective, while the share in central revenues will be a given, they can raise money on their own by a variety of means. These include selling advertising space in the stadia for home matches, licensing products for their team like T-shirts, getting sponsorship for the team uniform, advertising on tickets and so on, apart from the gate money. As already mentioned, 20% of all of this will then go to IPL.

What do the players make? Apart from the annual fee contracted with the franchisee, they get a daily allowance of $100 through the IPL season, which lasts about a month-and-a-half. The total amount spent on player fees for an IPL team cannot be less than $3.3 million each year and is actually expected to be significantly higher. In other words, players will earn about Rs 80 lakh or more per season on average, though the amount would vary from one member of the team to another.

Players could also get bonuses from the team owners and perhaps even the prize money that the team wins by virtue of where it finishes in the tournament. But it is for each franchisee to decide whether these payments are made to the players or not.

Even in the case of the annual fee negotiated between a player and the franchisee, not all of the negotiated amount may actually go into the player’s pocket.

This is because the IPL is reaching two different kinds of agreements with players when it gets them on board. Under one arrangement — called the "firm agreement", the IPL commits a certain fee to the player. If a franchisee bids more for that player in the auction between franchisees for different players, the IPL gets to keep the excess. Under the other - the "basic agreement" – the player gets whatever is bid for him. Not surprisingly, most players so far have opted for the "basic agreement".

Now that we have the broad structure of the flow of money in place, how does this translate into actual numbers? The bottomline, acknowledge BCCI officials as well as franchisees, will depend on whether the IPL as a concept takes off and captures audiences.

As things stand, the expenses committed by franchisees are more than what they are certain to receive as income from IPL or from sale of their own rights. The UB Group, which acquired the Bangalore franchise, says the idea was to use it as a vehicle to promote its brands. "We are not looking at making money. But revenues will be in excess of costs," said Vijay Rekhi, president of United Spirits, the spirits company of the UB Group.

Some franchisees said that if everything goes according to plan, they will break even and perhaps even start making some money after about three years.

Sources say IPL is guaranteeing $7 million per franchisee from central revenues. But what will come from the local level is anybody’s guess. Even with the right to market just about everything connected with their teams, the industry is not expecting to raise more than $2 million per franchisee each year. BCCI expects the franchisees to earn $1.5 million from gate money in every IPL match, but insiders say the figure is "exaggerated" and that the franchisee will be fortunate to get $1.5 million from 7 home matches at home. In fact, highly charged India-Pakistan one-day matches make around $3 to $4million.

However, based on IPL’s calculation, tickets will have to be sold for Rs 750 to Rs 1,000 per match for gate money to be of the estimated levels. Will the fans pay that much? Apparently, there is also a suggestion from IPL that franchisees could have some "business class" tickets for Rs 10,000 each. Again, will there be takers for such expensive tickets? There are franchisees who are planning to sell tickets for Rs 200 to Rs 300 to keep them within the reach of the middle class, without which making the IPL a success would be difficult. But then, they cannot expect huge revenue from the gate money.

Assuming the gate money is around $2 million for all seven home matches, this means the franchisee in the first year can look forward to total income of about $10 million after paying 20% of local revenues to IPL.

Against this, the franchisee will have to spend at least $8 million. To this must be added the bid amount divided by 10. For Mumbai or Bangalore, that means another $11 million. Even if it’s lower for others, the franchisee's expenditure will be anything from 1.5 to 2 times of what his income is, at least in the first year.

What can change in this equation to make the business financially rewarding for the franchisee? If local revenues really rise, things could get better. It all boils down to whether the IPL teams can make their cities identify with them. That’s the billion dollar question.

BCCI threaten Aussie players of backlash in IPL

After the Sydney test fracas where the Australian players behaved very badly with the Indians, BCCI has warned that that Aussies players will be in trouble. It is sad that the BCCI had to make such a statement after the next two match was played in good spirit.

Windows XP commands

ADDUSERS Add or list users to/from a CSV file
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
ASSOC Change file extension associations
ASSOCIAT One step file association
AT Schedule a command to run at a later time
ATTRIB Change file attributes

BOOTCFG Edit Windows boot settings
BROWSTAT Get domain, browser and PDC info

CACLS Change file permissions
CALL Call one batch program from another
CD Change Directory - move to a specific Folder
CHANGE Change Terminal Server Session properties
CHKDSK Check Disk - check and repair disk problems
CHKNTFS Check the NTFS file system
CHOICE Accept keyboard input to a batch file
CIPHER Encrypt or Decrypt files/folders
CleanMgr Automated cleanup of Temp files, recycle bin
CLEARMEM Clear memory leaks
CLIP Copy STDIN to the Windows clipboard.
CLS Clear the screen
CLUSTER Windows Clustering
CMD Start a new CMD shell
COLOR Change colors of the CMD window
COMP Compare the contents of two files or sets of files
COMPACT Compress files or folders on an NTFS partition
COMPRESS Compress individual files on an NTFS partition
CON2PRT Connect or disconnect a Printer
CONVERT Convert a FAT drive to NTFS.
COPY Copy one or more files to another location
CSCcmd Client-side caching (Offline Files)
CSVDE Import or Export Active Directory data

DATE Display or set the date
Dcomcnfg DCOM Configuration Utility
DEFRAG Defragment hard drive
DEL Delete one or more files
DELPROF Delete NT user profiles
DELTREE Delete a folder and all subfolders
DevCon Device Manager Command Line Utility
DIR Display a list of files and folders
DIRUSE Display disk usage
DISKCOMP Compare the contents of two floppy disks
DISKCOPY Copy the contents of one floppy disk to another
DNSSTAT DNS Statistics
DOSKEY Edit command line, recall commands, and create macros
DSADD Add user (computer, group..) to active directory
DSQUERY List items in active directory
DSMOD Modify user (computer, group..) in active directory

ECHO Display message on screen
ENDLOCAL End localisation of environment changes in a batch file
ERASE Delete one or more files
EXIT Quit the CMD shell
EXPAND Uncompress files
EXTRACT Uncompress CAB files

FC Compare two files
FDISK Disk Format and partition
FIND Search for a text string in a file
FINDSTR Search for strings in files
FOR /F Loop command: against a set of files
FOR /F Loop command: against the results of another command
FOR Loop command: all options Files, Directory, List
FORFILES Batch process multiple files
FORMAT Format a disk
FREEDISK Check free disk space (in bytes)
FSUTIL File and Volume utilities
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FTYPE Display or modify file types used in file extension associations

GLOBAL Display membership of global groups
GOTO Direct a batch program to jump to a labelled line

HELP Online Help
HFNETCHK Network Security Hotfix Checker

IF Conditionally perform a command
IFMEMBER Is the current user in an NT Workgroup

KILL Remove a program from memory

LABEL Edit a disk label
LOCAL Display membership of local groups
LOGEVENT Write text to the NT event viewer.
LOGOFF Log a user off
LOGTIME Log the date and time in a file

MAPISEND Send email from the command line
MEM Display memory usage
MD Create new folders
MKLINK Create a symbolic link (linkd)
MODE Configure a system device
MORE Display output, one screen at a time
MOUNTVOL Manage a volume mount point
MOVE Move files from one folder to another
MOVEUSER Move a user from one domain to another
MSG Send a message
MSIEXEC Microsoft Windows Installer
MSINFO Windows NT diagnostics
MSTSC Terminal Server Connection (Remote Desktop Protocol)
MUNGE Find and Replace text within file(s)
MV Copy in-use files

NET Manage network resources
NETDOM Domain Manager
NETSH Configure network protocols
NETSVC Command-line Service Controller
NBTSTAT Display networking statistics (NetBIOS over TCP/IP)
NETSTAT Display networking statistics (TCP/IP)
NOW Display the current Date and Time
NSLOOKUP Name server lookup
NTBACKUP Backup folders to tape
NTRIGHTS Edit user account rights

PATH Display or set a search path for executable files
PATHPING Trace route plus network latency and packet loss
PAUSE Suspend processing of a batch file and display a message
PERMS Show permissions for a user
PERFMON Performance Monitor
PING Test a network connection
POPD Restore the previous value of the current directory saved by PUSHD
PORTQRY Display the status of ports and services
PRINT Print a text file
PRNCNFG Display, configure or rename a printer
PRNMNGR Add, delete, list printers set the default printer
PROMPT Change the command prompt
PsExec Execute process remotely
PsFile Show files opened remotely
PsGetSid Display the SID of a computer or a user
PsInfo List information about a system
PsKill Kill processes by name or process ID
PsList List detailed information about processes
PsLoggedOn Who's logged on (locally or via resource sharing)
PsLogList Event log records
PsPasswd Change account password
PsService View and control services
PsShutdown Shutdown or reboot a computer
PsSuspend Suspend processes
PUSHD Save and then change the current directory

QGREP Search file(s) for lines that match a given pattern.

RASDIAL Manage RAS connections
RASPHONE Manage RAS connections
RECOVER Recover a damaged file from a defective disk.
REG Registry: Read, Set, Export, Delete keys and values
REGEDIT Import or export registry settings
REGSVR32 Register or unregister a DLL
REGINI Change Registry Permissions
REM Record comments (remarks) in a batch file
REN Rename a file or files.
REPLACE Replace or update one file with another
RD Delete folder(s)
RDISK Create a Recovery Disk
RMTSHARE Share a folder or a printer
ROBOCOPY Robust File and Folder Copy
ROUTE Manipulate network routing tables
RUNAS Execute a program under a different user account
RUNDLL32 Run a DLL command (add/remove print connections)

SC Service Control
SCHTASKS Create or Edit Scheduled Tasks
SCLIST Display NT Services
ScriptIt Control GUI applications
SET Display, set, or remove environment variables
SETLOCAL Control the visibility of environment variables
SETX Set environment variables permanently
SHARE List or edit a file share or print share
SHIFT Shift the position of replaceable parameters in a batch file
SHORTCUT Create a windows shortcut (.LNK file)
SHOWGRPS List the NT Workgroups a user has joined
SHOWMBRS List the Users who are members of a Workgroup
SHUTDOWN Shutdown the computer
SLEEP Wait for x seconds
SOON Schedule a command to run in the near future
SORT Sort input
START Start a separate window to run a specified program or command
SU Switch User
SUBINACL Edit file and folder Permissions, Ownership and Domain
SUBST Associate a path with a drive letter
SYSTEMINFO List system configuration

TASKLIST List running applications and services
TIME Display or set the system time
TIMEOUT Delay processing of a batch file
TITLE Set the window title for a CMD.EXE session
TOUCH Change file timestamps
TRACERT Trace route to a remote host
TREE Graphical display of folder structure
TYPE Display the contents of a text file

USRSTAT List domain usernames and last login

VER Display version information
VERIFY Verify that files have been saved
VOL Display a disk label

WHERE Locate and display files in a directory tree
WHOAMI Output the current UserName and domain
WINDIFF Compare the contents of two files or sets of files
WINMSD Windows system diagnostics
WINMSDP Windows system diagnostics II
WMIC WMI Commands

XCACLS Change file permissions
XCOPY Copy files and folders

Friday, January 25, 2008

How to detect liars

I came accross a great site to detect liars. I have selected few points. Visit the site on how to detect liars for more information.
The following techniques to telling if someone is lying are often used by police, and security experts. This knowledge is also useful for managers, employers, and for anyone to use in everyday situations where telling the truth from a lie can help prevent you from being a victim of fraud/scams and other deceptions.
• Physical expression will be limited and stiff, with few arm and hand movements. Hand, arm and leg movement are toward their own body the liar takes up less space.
• Timing and duration of emotional gestures and emotions are off a normal pace. The display of emotion is delayed, stays longer it would naturally, then stops suddenly.
• A guilty person gets defensive. An innocent person will often go on the offensive.
• A liar will use your words to make answer a question. When asked, “Did you eat the last cookie?” The liar answers, “No, I did not eat the last cookie.”
• If you believe someone is lying, then change subject of a conversation quickly, a liar follows along willingly and becomes more relaxed. The guilty wants the subject changed; an innocent person may be confused by the sudden change in topics and will want to back to the previous subject.

US looking to destabalise India

The US will soon have boots on the ground inside Pakistan following a decision by the Pentagon to send special forces, ostensibly to train Pakistani troops to meet the terrorist challenge that is threatening to destabilize the country.
An internal communication called a planning order has been issued by Admiral William Fallon, commander of the US Central Command, asking US military commanders to develop “new approaches’’ to help Pakistan combat terrorism, senior defence officials revealed in a briefing on Wednesday.
The expression appeared to be a euphemism for covertly injecting US troops inside Pakistan. AP reported that the programme envisages a timeline stretching to 2015.
US officials put sufficient gloss on the plan to give Pakistan a face-saver, saying a central assumption in the planning was that no such US training move would be conducted without the Pakistani government’s approval.
But they have also indicated that Pakistan had left Washington with little choice as its vaunted military had ceded territory to Al Qaida and Taliban elements on the western border, amidst reports of troop desertion and surrender. US officials have gone to the extent of saying they are now more worried about Al Qaida and Taliban operations inside Pakistan than in Afghanistan, because they have turned their attention east.

But pakistan has always tried to use these kind of help from the US against india. There are reports all the monetary as well as tech help from the US has been used to fuel terrorist activities against India.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Culinary school of mumbai streets

Pani Puri is one dish of Mumbai which levels the rich and the poor. You will see patrons with bowl in their hand in front of the pani puri wallah. You get the option of having it spicy to bit sweet.
In this video it is shown in a five star hotel.

Mukesh Ambani, Mallya, SRK win IPL bids

The high-profile Indian Premier League on Thursday received overwhelming response as India's top industrialists Mukesh Ambani and Vijay Mallya , and film stars Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta won bids to own teams in the Twenty20 venture.

After much suspense, Board of Control for Cricket in India vice-president and IPL governing council chairman Lalit Modi named the winning bidders, who shelled out staggering amounts to become owners of the Mumbai-based teams.

Reliance Industries chief Mukesh Ambani pipped Vijay Mallya in the bid for the Mumbai team, for US $111.9 million.

The liquor baron, however, won the bid for the Bangalore team, for US $111.6 million.

Actor Shah Rukh Khan, joining hands with Juhi Chawla and Jay Mehta, won the bid for the Kolkata team, for US $75.09 million.

Fellow-actor Preity Zinta and her boy friend Ness Wadia won the bid for the Mohali team, for US $76 million.

Among others, GMR Holdings was successful in bidding for the Delhi team (US $84 million), while India Cements bagged the Chennai team (US $91 million), Deccan Chronicle the Hyderabad (US $107.01 million) outfit and Emerging Media the Jaipur team, for US $67 million.

The bids of ICICI , Sahara and Futures Group were disqualified, Modi said.

"We can say that all the hard work fructified and the IPL is here to stay," Modi said.

Asked if Shah Rukh was bidding just to use cricket as a means to promote his films, Modi replied, "Shah Rukh loves cricket and that's why he invested his money. It has got nothing to do with film promotion.

"We have heard a similar complaint in the past but the Board never endorsed those views," he added.

He also dismissed suggestions that there was a conflict of interests in Indian Cements, which has BCCI treasurer N Srinivasan as a shareholder, becoming a team owner.

"Mr Srinivasan is just a stakeholder there and he is not the owner. So there is no such conflicts of interests," he said.

Modi admitted that some of the contracted international players would skip the twenty20 tournament, which begins on April 18 owing to national commitments, but said the pool of players is big enough.

"A team needs only four players from abroad and we already have a huge number of them contracted with us. You will have enough of them from the day one," he said.

In all, 59 matches will be played over 44 days, with ICC umpires officiating the games that will be broadcast live on SET Max.

"We already have 80 contracted players and their auction would start soon. Each franchise will consult with the IPL Governing Council before naming the teams and discussing revenue sharing," Modi said.

ICC's anti-doping and anti-corruption units will also keep an eye on the Twenty20 league, he added.

Asked if the base price of US $50 million was too high, he replied, "It's up to the bidders to decide if the base price was high. Since the winning bid proved much more than the base price, you can't really say that it was too high."

Schedules and operational guidelines of the league will be announced later.

Stung by the Essel Group-backed Indian Cricket League, the BCCI had announced the IPL to counter the rebel venture, which has left many state teams depleted.

New Zealand [Images] has also suffered a lot as six Kiwi players joined the ICL and pace spearhead Shane Bond too is ready to take the plunge.

The following are the bid amounts:

Vijay Mallya - US $111.6 million, for the Bangalore team.

Shah Rukh Khan - US $75.09 million, for the Kolkata team.

GMR Holdings - US $84 million, for the Delhi team.

Mukesh Ambani - US $111.9 million, for the Mumbai team.

India Cements - US $91 million, for the Chennai team.

Deccan Chronicle - US $107.01 million, for the Hyderabad team.

Emerging Media - US $67 million, for the Jaipur team.

Ness Wadia & Preity Zinta - US $76, for the Mohali team.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

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What is Pay-Per-Play Media?

NetAudioAds Pay-Per-Play (PPP) is an online media channel that plays 5 second audio advertisements.

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How Does Pay-Per-Play Work?

PPP audio ads play as soon as a visitor arrives on a web page where the PPP code is inserted. The audio advertisement is only heard and not seen and requires no action from a website visitor.

One of the main benefits of running PPP ads on your website is the fact that you never send visitors away from your site. This allows you the opportunity to continue to earn from your visitors.

PPP audio ads play automatically for 5 seconds so website owners need to choose specific pages of their website where it is appropriate for their visitors to hear a single 5 second audio advertisement.

You should be aware that PPP audio ads are not appropriate for all web pages. It is up to the website owner where they will place audio ads.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Clinton to pose nude to raise funds for election

Sorry guys this is just to check how many perverts are there in social bookmarking sites. I am submitting this site to digg,etc to check how many people actually click on the link to see the poor old lady nude. I apologise to Clinton and tell her I would have voted for her if I was eligible.
Just fill the following poll and tell me how you felt:

Saturday, January 12, 2008

From pagerank 0 to 1 with little effort

Hurrah!!! At last my pagerank increased to one yesterday. I having been blogging for more than a year but didn't know about the necessary evil of the web pagerank. Last month I came to know about it from a forum. I then started to try increase my pagerank.All I did was to submit my blog as a signature in comments of blogs which do follow. Viola, my pagerank is 1. Now, I am going to try increase it more by submitting the url to forums and social networking sites.

Good or Bad Companies by Public Perception

In a recent survey by OMAG, they found out which companies people adore and which they detest. Companies are like celebrities ,that how much ever they are successful good and bad news changes the outlook of the general public towards them. They are either heroes or villains in their minds.
Here is the list

Friday, January 11, 2008

Why Force India F1 will not be popular in India

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, £65m, a dedicated social networking site, go-karting initiatives.
All this and more is what Force India, the first and only Indian-owned team in Formula One, is using to force itself into the cricket-driven psyche of India.
Force India, the latest iteration of the former Jordan team, will race in this year's F1 world championship with veteran driver Giancarlo Fisichella and the up-and-coming German Adrian Sutil.
But it is what the team represents that makes this re branding so potentially seismic.
The new owner of the team, drinks baron Vijay Mallya, is hoping to tap into the huge potential of the rapidly-expanding Indian economy - an aim shared by many of F1's power brokers.
A country where cricket is followed as a religion and no other sport comes even remotely close to that, including its national game hockey, F1 has long been considered to be out of reach for most Indians.
But with an upwardly mobile aspiring class that numbers 300 million and growing, even this elite sport could find fertile ground.
And if Force India and F1 manage to attract even a small percentage of those people, that is still millions of potential new devotees.
But, Indians always like everything foreign. We have many urban population who are soccer fans but they are fans of European soccer. They don't care much about Indian soccer team or even clubs. There are more Manchester United fans than those of all the fans of Indian Clubs put together.
With so much pro-Indian controversies going on at regular intervals and the advent of twenty20 cricket it is going to be a near Impossible task for Mallya to challenge the popularity of cricket or soccer in urban populace.
Even the F1 fans would root for Ferrari,Mclaren and renault.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Why google should take DIGG's help?

I wanted to know about the reaction of the web world of the India-Australia cricket saga. I was taken to page with search results filled with news or forums which are two days old. Consider this I log on to digg and search about the same thing and I get more relevant reviews. Then for what reason should I use Google for? Only for research!!! More ever, Digg gives the best result as the best links are dugg more by others, so you can be assured of quality.
Sorry guys, if after this post Google decides to buy Digg.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Merc considers McLaren buyout

Mercedes-Benz is on the verge of buying a majority shareholding in the McLaren group, a move which could spell the end of Ron Dennis's control of the British formula one team. The potential buyout seemed a step closer yesterday with the unveiling of the McLaren-Mercedes MP4-23 car for the forthcoming season in the German manufacturer's ultramodern museum complex in Stuttgart. It was the first time in their 13-year partnership that McLaren had unveiled their new formula one car on Mercedes' home turf and Dennis took very much a back seat at the formal press conference.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Indians used nanotechnology 2,000 years ago

VISAKHAPATNAM: Indian craftsmen and artisans used nanotechnology extensively about 2000 years ago to make weapons and long lasting cave paintings, a Nobel laureate of Chemistry said here.
However, the craftsmen were completely unaware that they were practising carbon nano-techniques that are the most sought after in the current age.
Citing examples of the Damascus blades used in the famous sword of Tipu Sultan and paintings in the Ajanta, caves Nobel laureate Robert Curl Jr said studies have found existence of carbon nano particles in both.
On the sword, scientists found carbon nanotubes, which are cylindrical arrangements of carbon atoms first discovered in 1991 and now made in laboratories all over the world.
“Our ancestors have been unwittingly using nanotechnology for over 2,000 years (in the Ajanta paintings) and carbon nano for about 500 years. Carbon nanotechnology is much older than carbon nanoscience,” Curl said at the ongoing 95th Indian Science Congress here.
The 74-year-old scientist from the US shared the 1996 Nobel Prize for Chemistry with Richard Smalley and Harold Kroto for the discovery of the carbon cage compounds, known as fullerenes.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

How youtube can pay it's contributers

Do you feel that you are not getting enough from the video you have submitted to youtube except emotional happiness after seeing that your video is popular,then you are not alone.Youtube's founder a year ago had announced that the company is going to pay users who contribute original content.One year since the plan has not seen the light of the day. Main reason is that Youtube dominates the video sharing market and with its popularity unmatchable it does not feel the need to pay the contributers and reduce its profits even though several others like Metacafe and Revver pay. . One way it can do this and also make profits is by allowing contributers to put their adsense codes on their video page. Image ads would be better as they will create CPM impression. This will encourage users to create more original content. The company is busy paying royalties to several music and television companies but it is not willing to pay its original contributers who have fueled the site's success.
Just imagine how much 'leave Britney alone guy' would have earned.

Why Firefox is unsafe to use in cybercafes

Firefox has been trying to take on Internet Explorer in the browser war. I like it but I am afraid of it's one feature of restoring session when it is closed abruptly. Even password protected sites such as Gmail opens. If you use Firefox and there is power failure that your computer shuts down. The next person has a option of restoring your session. If he does it then you and your account is at his mercy.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Umpires and Deepika makes Indian chase miserable

Another wrong descision from Steve Bucknor who gave Rahul Dravid out caught behind of Symmonds ball put India on the mat. Replay showed that the ball had brushed the pad not the bat. Yuvraj was out after two balls. Maybe because of the presence of Deepika.

INDIA missing Sreesanth

India is sorely miss the services of S Sreesanth. The kerala paceman's bowling as well a sledging services are required by Indians. The Andrew Symmonds racism row just refuses to die down. The aussies are trying hard to floor the Indians.
I hope he gets well for twenty20 and ODI's.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Best Five Car Sequences of 2007

You know you’re in for a hell of a car chase (and insurance nightmare) when it begins with the words “Sir, he drove off the roof.”And that’s exactly what amnesiac assassin Jason Bourne does when he finds nine trillion government agents on his tail.
Director Paul Greengrass’ hand-held shaky cam ups the visceral-factor, as the ill-fated Audi crumples to the tarmac and Bourne trades it in for an NYPD car. As Gmen close in, he turns human pinball, battering his way out of blockades. Metal screams, glass rains and rubber burns as Bourne finally meets his match in the form of a VW Touareg and a solid metal road-barrier, leading to a rail grind that’d make a pro-skateboarder blanch, and one of the most incredible crashes you’ll ever see. James Bond who?

The car chase in this Brit action-comedy from the team behind Shaun of the Dead isn’t exactly the longest (a minute or two at best), but damned if it isn’t an absolute riot. It’s even more fun because it caps off a dizzying, bullet-filled climactic showdown between supercop Nick Angel and, err, ahh, the Neighbourhood Watch Association of Sanford Village.
Laughs fly as fast as lead does in this spoof of/homage to every testosterone-heavy cheesy Hollywood cop flick. After taking out most of Sanford’s evil-octogenarians, Angel and goofy sidekick Danny Butterman floor their humble standard-issue Vauxhall Astra to catch the ringleaders who are trying to get away in… a Vauxhall Astra. It’s a thundering, screeching chase that is ended by the only creature alive who can do it; a swan. Fuzz yeah!

Quentin Tarantino’s half of the Grindhouse double feature gives us two car chases that are by turns malevolent, funny, audacious and downright evil. Sequence one involves the movie’s villain, Stuntman Mike (an oily Kurt Russell) stalking four women by night in his “death proof”stunt-ready car, which he then uses to smash into them at full-speed, obliterating them. Sequence two involves Mike trying it again only to have the hunt go balls-up when his new quarry roars back. The genius lies in Tarantino’s lovingly old-school treatment of it all.This is his love-letter to the old days, and its never more evident than in one marvelous bit when the two cars, all soul and passion, a Chevy Nova and a Dodge Charger burst onto a busy patch of highway that seems populated with only gleaming, soulless new Nissan-types.They really don’t make ’em like this anymore.

In high school, somebody must have voted Die Hard supercop John McClane “Most Likely to Deliver Fatal Roundhouse Kick to Superman’s Career”given the sort of stuff he pulls off.
Returning for a much-overdue fourth outing, the seemingly indestructible Bruce Willis finds himself in a hairy situation inside a tunnel. Hearts sink and bowels clench as McClane’s evil-hacker nemesis plunges the tunnel into darkness and then throws it open to traffic. From both directions. As headlights bear down upon him from either side, McClane tosses the car around and avoids becoming squishy meat at the heart of a metal sandwich, only to find a leadloaded helicopter waiting for him at the other end. Not to be outdone,The Shiny Headed One yippie-kay-yay’s the chopper to its fiery end using a police car, in true McClane style.

Transformers isn’t a movie; it’s a threehour sugar rush on four wheels designed to squeeze every last drop of adrenaline out of your system. It’s a non-stop spectacle of whirring metal (brought to life by some of the most detailed special effects ever) and action that entertains, thrills and ultimately exhausts you. It is, also, a concept that can’t go wrong; giant warring robots who disguise themselves as the coolest hardware on the planet (a jet, a helicopter, a Camaro, a Peterbilt truck). It’s so good it makes General Motors look like loads of fun.
We won’t even bother picking one sequence out of the lot because we wouldn’t know where to start. Is the bit with Blackout, who goes from attackcopter to stomping robot and takes out an entire military base, the coolest? Or is it the Bumblebee versus Barricade smackdown? Or is it our first look at big-daddybot Optimus Prime? Or is it the Optimus-Megatron face-off? They’re all just brilliant!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Novel method of Protest - SCRATCHING

What should men do when a group of women activist protesting against you drinking. Scratch your private parts and pull your underwear vulgarly. Recently, when a group of women anti-liquor activist were protesting for shutting of a local bar in Pachkuli near new Marionh ,this is what they did.
Trouble started when a man drunk from this bar created nuisance during a meeting of these women activist. Angered the the activist went to the police to get the licence of the bar canceled and hence shut the bar down. But police expressed their helplessness to the women. Next day, during another meeting more men went and troubled them. Fed up with this they (nearly 75 marched towards the bar and were trying to enter and destroy the bar. this is when the men started to scratch and pull their private parts in a extremely vulgar manner. Disgusted the women immediately called of their protest.