Saturday, February 16, 2008

What At&t and other american wireless services must expect from India

At&t and other wireless service providers are trying to get in the exploding market of India. And why not? India added 83 million new connection last year and is set to overtake US as the second largest wireless country after China. But India has always been low cost consumer. The call rate here are at the lowest in the world and most people just ignore value added services like call-back tune,games,etc. For many mobile phone is just an instrument for communication. And with the Telecom Minister Raja predicting Re.0.10 and Re.0.20 local and national calling charges respectively, in near future the the cellular companies can only profit from the volume of subscribers. And with such low rates the subscribers are just going to increase by manifold. With the subscriber base standing at 237 million which will be tripled by 2012, it is the hottest wireless market.