Thursday, February 28, 2008

Google trying to kick Microsoft's a** hard

Google is trying hard to stop Microsoft from expanding it's business in internet and also reduce it's dominance in software market.
Sample this
1. Google protests when Microsoft decides to provide LIVE search from desktop in VISTA.
2. Google partners with Mozilla to spread Firefox with their Google pack.
3. Google then partners with SUN to allow users download Staroffice rivaling MS office.
4. It provides Realplayer in Google pack to rival Microsoft's Windows Media Player.
5. It opposes Microsoft's plan to buy Yahoo inc. citing fears that Microsoft will abuse the internet like it did to the OS market.
6. It oppose OOXML's bid to get ISO certificate.
7. It buys out Jotspot to compete against Microsoft's cash cow sharepoint.
8. It starts Gmail which provides storage capacity increasing by infinity as against Hotmail's 250 M.B.
9. Google starts Docs and spreadsheets which allows users to create document online.

I will not be surprised if Google dares to buy Microsoft in next 5-8 years.