Friday, February 1, 2008

Buzzfuse- Marketing for your content

We are taught in school that hard work is necessary for success. But in today's world,especially in the online world, marketing is more important. Buzzfuse is a service which lets you market your blog,song,photos. Buzzfuse has managed to increase traffic to my post on margin trading by 20% in an hour. In Feb 2008,$3500 will be distributed among top 100 buzzing items.
There is a bonus of $500 to each best blog post, song and picture. Buzzfuse is primarily aimed at helping content creators widen their audience and deepen the interaction with their audience. As such it's primarily a marketing tool. Buzzfuse also offers consumers free access to the best content within their system, matched to the personal preferences. Currently, Buzzfuse shares 100% of relevant ad-revenue back to premium users.

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