Saturday, February 2, 2008

Adsense racist?

1.Well it has been quite a long time since, Adsense has introduced Electronic Clearance. It allows publishers to directly transfer their money to their bank account. Many countries like US,UK,Italy,etc have been included but India has been ignored till now. Even has started this and that to free if the amount exceeds Rs.7000.
2.Adsense have started Video units which are are customizable YouTube players you can place on yoursite; the player will play YouTube videos, and text ads will be
displayed within the player. It is available only in US,UK and some other countries. Adsense snubbed India even though it has more English speaking population than UK.
3.Now an announcement has been made that they will no longer support Adsense referrals in India.
Good News is that Microsoft is buying Yahoo. This might drum up Yahoo's YPN and it might come out of beta and be available to publishers outside US.
What do you say?


arun kamath said...

I have been Informed by Janet in adsense forum that adsense have implemented western union in pakistan but not in India.