Saturday, March 29, 2008

What I did for Earth (hour) year

Google went black for an hour for earth hour in support of environmental issues. But, according to experts black screen requires more energy than black screen. Google did this for raising awareness. So because of this even if few hundreds change their energy consumption then their Black campaign will be successful.

I initially had black template for my blog around last year. But I had read in some magazine about screen energy consumption and I changed my blog colour to white as it consumes minimum amount of energy.

I request all of you to choose light coloured template for your blog and website.


jerseyjack21 said...

You, as a supporter for the Earth Hour event was on your computer changing your blogs color in that hour. I think that a computer off consumes less energy than a black or white blog. Way to spend your Earth (hour) year.

arun kamath said...

I had changed my color long time back. And as for environment, I use environmentally friendly PC.