Saturday, March 8, 2008

Get unbeatable insurance quotes for free

Autonet insurance group gives you unbeatable insurance quotes online for free in UK. One of the main benefits of checking out online insurance quotes is that it gives you the ability to shop for insurance at home. Comparing many competing insurance quotes is the method to reducing premiums.The fact is that getting online insurance quotes is free and you are under no obligation to sign-up with them makes it more attractive. If you need help with the quotes you can call them. Also if you wish you can ask them for tailor made insurance quote suitable for your needs for free with no obligation.They provide insurance services for car,bike,courier,business,home and also HGV Insurance.

I had myself insured my car with comprehensive car insurance with AIG. During the flooding of Mumbai due to heavy rains on 26 july,2005,my car was submerged under water. It was completely damaged.But,thanks to the insurance cover, I got full insured amount from the insurance company. A month before the flood ,my friend's car insurance had lapsed and he failed to renew it due to various reasons. His car also got damaged but, unfortunately , he could not recover his costs. This incident shows the importance of insurance. I have always taken care to insure my home, vehicle, health,etc.