Thursday, March 27, 2008

DIGXA - Shopping comparison website

You might have always felt while comparing different brands of a particular product you could compare them and also find the lowest price possible before buying them online. Digxa does that for free. The site list almost all products categories like home and garden, computers and software, clothing and accessories, electronics,jewelers and watches, sports equipment and outdoor gear, health and beauty, furniture and other miscellaneous products like book, dvd's ,etc.

I checked out their computers page and found it very informative for shopping. What is best about this site is that we not only get to refine our search according to the price but also memory,speed,weight,etc. If you want to see the configuration just place the mouse over the product image and it will hover around the pointer. This helps as you don't have to open the product's page if the configuration does not satisfy you. You will also know how many stores stock them and product ratings. You will also find mac computers and other hardwares on the page. What if you don't find the deal you wanted? They serve the best contextual ads ie. adsense on their pages through which you might get the closest deal you wanted.