Thursday, March 20, 2008

How to abuse Forex-affiliate and earn min. $250

I earned a cool $1000 with literally 0% investment. I had few months ago joined Forex-affiliate. All we have to do is make people sign up for forex-trading at EASY FOREX. What I did was joined the affiliate program and made my dad sign up for easy forex through me. He made initial investment of $250 and i got $250 as commission. So the money remained in the family. Plus we got to trade in forex. You too, can doit . Sign up for forex affiliate and make some one from your family or a close friend sign up for trading account in easy forex.
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alr said...


You can't trade in forex as an individual in India. I wonder how you do the trading?

arun kamath said...

Well you just need credit card and an bank account.