Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nike Total 90 Omni ball introduced

Nike's red and white Total 90 Omni is the official Barclays Premier League match ball for the 2008/09 season.
Barclays Premiere League official website has announced.

The ball has been engineered to set new performance standards for consistency, accuracy and visibility, having been tested and proven over two years - in computer simulations, in Nike research labs, and with some of the world's biggest clubs and best players. Its new, innovative panel geometry is designed to give players consistent response and touch wherever they strike the ball. Engineered hexagons and pentagons fit precisely together to create a nearly perfect sphere.

fly faster

It is more predictable and more powerful wherever it is hit. Significantly, players say it gives them added confidence when they approach the ball.
Nike's answer to shots and passes that drift off their intended mark is an exclusive, aerodynamic micro-grooved PU casing. It was developed in the wind tunnel, and designed to fly faster and truer to the target.
To help players make better split-second judgments, Nike introduced performance graphics and colour to the game in the original Total 90 Ball. The new ball takes the idea to the next level. A new, red asymmetrical band encircling the ball generates a more powerful visual signal as it rotates, providing a quicker read on ball location, spin rate, speed and trajectory from any angle. It is designed to help players make better decisions at top-speed, when the pressure is on.