Friday, July 4, 2008

My Adsense application rejected HELP !!!!

I got this email from Adsense:

Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. While reviewing your
application, we found your account to be closely related to an account
disabled for invalid click activity. Because we strive to protect the
interests of both our advertisers and our other AdSense publishers,
we're unable to approve your application.

In addition, please note that you will not be eligible to participate
in the AdSense program in the future. We realize the inconvenience this
may cause you, and we thank you in advance for your understanding and

If you have any questions about your account or the actions we've
taken, please do not reply to this email. You can find more information
by visiting

To which I replied (everything is true):

I have been informed that I have not been approved for adsense account because "it is closely related to an account disabled for invalid click activity"

I think that account was that of my uncle who was staying with us, but, now has moved out.

I had myself signed up for adsense, but, later I realised that it was necessary to be 18 years of age , I emailed you and had my account disabled. I don't remember the email ID maybe this  one or You can check your logs.

I am, currently, monetizing my site through adsense in my mother's name. And that account is being operated in good way with NO invalid clicks,etc. Now that I have turned 18 I want to start adsense account in my name, AGAIN.

In the link you have sent me in email you mention that "If we determine that a related publisher's account may pose a risk to our AdWords advertisers, we may disable it in order to protect our advertisers' interests. "

As I have stated above I have and will not do anything to pose threat to your advertisers . My actions shows that I am following your Program Policies.

Hoping that you will reconsider your decision. 

Can you please help me. email me(displayed on my Blogger profile page) or comment me..