Saturday, July 26, 2008

Laptop add-ons that would make your life easy

The features and ergonomics of laptops are restricted due to their highly compact form. However you can make life simpler by investing in certain accessories for laptops that best suits your requirement. Here is the list of 12 vital add-ons,Firefox style!!!!!

Laptop Bag: Laptop bags are available in variety of designs ranging from protective sleeves to shoulder backpacks. You may pick the one that match your personality or the one that allows you to carry books to college, files to work and other accessories.

Laptop mouse: No matter how agile your finger is over the touchpad mouse , nothing is as comfortable as a mouse. A laptop mouse is highly if you use laptop more on the desk than on your lap. As they are light and compact, it would fit in your bag.

Notebook Webcam: Although you can use your desktop webcam with your laptop, a notebook webacam is designed so that it clips on to your screen frame.

Memory card reader: It is a must for those who who frequently use mobile phones for music,movies,etc. Buy the one which reads most formats and is compact as well.

Kensington lock: Securing your laptop with a kensington lock is the best way of protecting it from theft while you are away especially at busy places. Almost every laptop has a kensington security slot.

Notebook cooler: A notebook cooler is a metal plate fitted with USB powered fans, meant dissipting heat from the base of the laptop. It is advisable to use it if your laptop becomes unbearably hot to keep it on your lap.

Bluetooth dongle: Bluetooth dongle comes handy when you want to transfer data wirelessly to compatible portable devices such as cell phones , smart phones or othr laptops. You can even use to give print commands to bluetooth enabled printers.

Portable speakers: Almost all laptops have pathetic speakers. If you really want to enjoy movies and music on your laptop, portable loud speakers are a must.

Headphones: Good headphone is necessary if you don't want others to listen to what you are listening. It comes handy if you meditate listening to trance music and also during voice chat. Wireless one will be more comfortable as you can stretch while chatting for long hours.

External storage devices:
An external storage device becomes a necessity if you want portablity. USB flash drives are enough to carry your documents and small files. You will need portable hard drives (range 320 gb to 2 tb) to carry your entire music and movie collection.

USB hub: Most notebooks are equipped with two or three USB port which can be used to connect external devices. However, if you run short of them then you can buy a USB hub for more ports.

USB-to-PS2 adapter: You might love your laptop a lot but, you can't deny that desktop computers are way more comfortable to use. If you use your laptop more on desk then you should have USB-to-PS2 adapter to connect your mouse and keyboard

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