Saturday, July 26, 2008

My favourite firefox keyboard shortcuts

If you don't like to use mouse often then these keyboard shortcuts will help you a lot while browsing the internet. You can avoid strain on your arms especially while using touchpad mouse on a laptop.

Navigation bar:
Select location bar: Ctrl/Cmd+L or Alt+D
Select search bar: Ctrl/Cmd+K
Back: Backspace or Alt/Cmd+Left
Forward: Alt/Option+Right or Shift+Backspace

Search page:
Find as you type text: /
Find as you type link: '
Regular old find: Ctrl/Cmd+F

Opening pages:
Open link in new window: Shift+Enter
Open link in new tab: Ctrl/Cmd+Enter
Open address/search in new tab: Alt/Option+Enter

Caret browsing: F7
Refresh: Ctrl/Cmd+R or F5
Refresh (override cache): Ctrl/Cmd+F5 or Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+R
Switch tabs: Ctrl/Cmd+Tab
Select tab (1-9): Ctrl/Cmd+[1-9]
Compose email: Ctrl/Cmd+M