Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Youtube India is now live

Youtube now offers India specific site. Here is the excerpts from official India Youtube blog

We're very happy to be able to bring you a localised version of YouTube for India, its diaspora and and really anyone who is passionate about India. This site contains all the videos found on YouTube's global site, www.youtube.com, except we've applied an "Indian lens" to the content, meaning that the video charts you see reflect what Indians are watching now, the featured videos are programmed to cater to an Indian audience, and we've signed up dozens of local partners who are proud to distribute their content through YouTube.

Moreover, an Indian version of YouTube allows you to connect with local users like never before –- take a look at the videos being featured on our home page right now and you'll see everything from a non-resident Indian (NRI) family trying to tell folks back home how much they missed their hot cup of morning tea to the merry whistlers from Bangalore to traffic mayhem in Hyderabad.

Like what you see or think you can do better? Comment, share, favourite and upload away...YouTube is a truly democratic platform that can be used by anyone. So get typing or pick up that video camera: tell us what our strengths are, draw our attention to any weaknesses, and give us an idea of how we can improve your YouTube experience.