Monday, May 5, 2008

Where are the consumer rights in IPL ?

I went for the two IPL matches which was played in the newly built D Y Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai. The stadium is superb. Unlike Wankhede stadium of Mumbai which has benches, this stadium has bucket seats with seat nos. So, no problem regarding where to sit as we get our nos. on the ticket we purchase. The stadium has no pillars, hence, we can have full view of the stadium and field of play without any obstruction. The good things end here.

Feeling thirsty or hungry? Then you are going to be looted. You are not allowed to bring water from outside but then if you want to buy from the stalls Aquafina mineral water which costs Rs. 12 is being sold for Rs. 40. You might have noticed ads on TV, newspaper and radio exhorting you to complain if any shopkeeper asks you to pay a couple of Rupees extra for cooling any drinks. But here in such a big event things are being sold at sky-high price. Not just water. Soft drinks worth 40 being sold for 100. Food items worth 10-40 being sold for 40-100.

No wonder it is said that watching any live event in India is a painful experience. I understand Mukesh Ambani has purchased the most expensive IPl team and he is building a two billion dollar worth home but that doesn't mean he should extort money from loyal cricket fans.