Friday, April 4, 2008

Why no body wants to give me a job

My first year degree exams are over. Actually, they finished almost a month ago. Now I am looking for a job in a BPO. As blogging doesn't earn me bread and butter (in my case- mobiles, games,DVD,etc), I am looking for a job. But I am unable to join any BPO. I am clearing all interviews but I am unable to join.

The BPO's have a policy that one must work for at least 6 months with them. As my college will restart in about 3 months I won't be able to do that. There are many who join BPO for summer, earn good cash and then leave the job or just abscond. The BPO's have got a wind of this and they have tightened the selection policy. They now demand original HSC marksheet and passing certificate which most are unable to provide as it is submitted in the college.

Now, I am trying for domestic BPO as they are not strict as International one. Pay is less but I have no other option.


Richard said...

Bloddy fucker.......who said u hav no other option, did u try all da international BPO's....if not...then fuckin giv da interview man

Richard said...

so buddy howz everything huh!! i might come in next two days !! having lolz of fun here......n dis eater rahul suckz man.....eating 2 much!! hahaha