Friday, April 11, 2008

Nike+ in iPhone and iPod touch

Apple Insider reports

The Nike+ Sport Kit released two years ago for use exclusively with Apple's iPod nano digital music player is finally getting an upgrade that will see support extended to iPhone and iPod touch.

With the existing version of the kit, runners must first return to their Mac or PC, dock their iPod nano, launch iTunes, and then push their latest performance data to the Nike+ website. But with the new application written for the iPhone and iPod touch -- presumably via Apple's iPhone SDK -- runners will be able to beam that data to the website wirelessly the instant they complete their workout.

The wireless feature is said to be particularly suited for use with Nike+ Coach, a new feature of the Nike+ website launched this week that simulates the experiencing of having a personal trainer schedule training runs based around the Sport Kit's 5k, 10k, half marathon or full marathon programs.

Launched in May of 2006, the $30 Nike + iPod Sport Kit for the iPod nano immediately became a runaway success, selling over 450,000 units in less than 90 days. Since then, it's believed Nike and Apple have gone on to sell millions more.

In fact, the response was so overwhelming that by early 2007 Nike said that it had sold over 3 million Nike+ compatible running shoes and as a result would build support for the iPod technology into every single pair of running shoes by the end of 2007.