Thursday, April 24, 2008

Maharashtra Government to ban IPL cheerleaders

Maharashtra Government looks to play 'moral police'. They are planning to ban cheerleaders from Mumbai matches. They argue that if bar dancers were banned for indecency so should these cheerleaders.It should be noted that the IPL teams have spent a lot on these cheerleaders. Notable is Vijay Mallya's Team Bangalore Royal Challengers who have brought Washington Red Skins.

Hats off to these stupid politicians who are extremely able to find anything Under The Sun to protest and create some controversies. They don't seem to understand vulgarity depends on one's perception. These cheerleaders just adds to the colour and festivities of Twenty20 cricket and does not makes it an 'immoral' event.

A Salsa dance, depending on one's perception, will be the most beautiful form of dance or the most vulgar.


arun kamath said...

Cheerleaders allowed but they need to cover up in Mumbai. I went to yesterday's DC vs MI match and the cheerleaders had almost covered up completely.

VA said...

What's the use of covering up the cheerleaders? Godammit. This sucks. Red skins are brought all the way from Washington, to see them dance in full sleeve shirts and pants.
Very cool indeed.
Politicians need to be educated.