Tuesday, January 29, 2008

After Feb 1,Digg and other sites will be spammed.

The most hyped intrusive advertising is here. Audio ads will be played whenever a visitor visits the site from February 1. The audio will be of 5 seconds.
Now, what is better source of traffic than the social networking sites. Just imagine how much a front page story can give you traffic. It is estimated that a front page story generates around 50000+ page views. It is estimated that every ad play will give you 0.01 to 0.03. Assume it is 0.01. Therefore for 50000 it will be $500. Whew!! Even the most successful webmaster will tell you that to earn this kind of money through Adsense in short time is very difficult. Even though if you don't get a front page even 100 views a day is very good.And remember I took the value of per ad play as 0.01, imagine after it becomes successful and the rate increases.
Living of the net has never been so easy!!!!
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