Friday, January 25, 2008

US looking to destabalise India

The US will soon have boots on the ground inside Pakistan following a decision by the Pentagon to send special forces, ostensibly to train Pakistani troops to meet the terrorist challenge that is threatening to destabilize the country.
An internal communication called a planning order has been issued by Admiral William Fallon, commander of the US Central Command, asking US military commanders to develop “new approaches’’ to help Pakistan combat terrorism, senior defence officials revealed in a briefing on Wednesday.
The expression appeared to be a euphemism for covertly injecting US troops inside Pakistan. AP reported that the programme envisages a timeline stretching to 2015.
US officials put sufficient gloss on the plan to give Pakistan a face-saver, saying a central assumption in the planning was that no such US training move would be conducted without the Pakistani government’s approval.
But they have also indicated that Pakistan had left Washington with little choice as its vaunted military had ceded territory to Al Qaida and Taliban elements on the western border, amidst reports of troop desertion and surrender. US officials have gone to the extent of saying they are now more worried about Al Qaida and Taliban operations inside Pakistan than in Afghanistan, because they have turned their attention east.

But pakistan has always tried to use these kind of help from the US against india. There are reports all the monetary as well as tech help from the US has been used to fuel terrorist activities against India.