Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Novel method of Protest - SCRATCHING

What should men do when a group of women activist protesting against you drinking. Scratch your private parts and pull your underwear vulgarly. Recently, when a group of women anti-liquor activist were protesting for shutting of a local bar in Pachkuli near new Marionh ,this is what they did.
Trouble started when a man drunk from this bar created nuisance during a meeting of these women activist. Angered the the activist went to the police to get the licence of the bar canceled and hence shut the bar down. But police expressed their helplessness to the women. Next day, during another meeting more men went and troubled them. Fed up with this they (nearly 75 marched towards the bar and were trying to enter and destroy the bar. this is when the men started to scratch and pull their private parts in a extremely vulgar manner. Disgusted the women immediately called of their protest.