Sunday, January 6, 2008

How youtube can pay it's contributers

Do you feel that you are not getting enough from the video you have submitted to youtube except emotional happiness after seeing that your video is popular,then you are not alone.Youtube's founder a year ago had announced that the company is going to pay users who contribute original content.One year since the plan has not seen the light of the day. Main reason is that Youtube dominates the video sharing market and with its popularity unmatchable it does not feel the need to pay the contributers and reduce its profits even though several others like Metacafe and Revver pay. . One way it can do this and also make profits is by allowing contributers to put their adsense codes on their video page. Image ads would be better as they will create CPM impression. This will encourage users to create more original content. The company is busy paying royalties to several music and television companies but it is not willing to pay its original contributers who have fueled the site's success.
Just imagine how much 'leave Britney alone guy' would have earned.