Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PayingPost - the new site for advertising on blog

If you have been blogging you would have heard about get paid to blog. PayingPost is a new service in this form of advertising. It has an interface which is similar to payperpost but is more pleasing to eye and loads several times faster.

For those who have not heard about blog advertising, it is one of the hottest way to make money with a blog after Google Adsense. However, if you are using Google Adsense you have to depend on your visitors to click on your ads. Moreover, if your visitors are tech savvy and use Firefox with adblock plus your revenue will reduce even further.

So,if your click through rate is pathetic then you will earn your first $100 in about two years. The solution is that, if you have good traffic, then join PayingPost.com. With little hard work and dedication you can earn easily up to $500 or more. Converted is equal to INR 25000.

PP is a service which connects advertisers with bloggers. You just have to sign up and submit your blog. If accepted you will receive opportunities suitable to your blog. You are completely free to choose the offer which suits your blog's category. Write about it according to the descriptions and requirements given by the advertiser. Then submit it. If you follow the rules, rest assured, you will be paid.

In school you might have written essays to improve your language but you were motivated by marks only. Here you are motivated by the cash you are going to earn. You just have to devote half an hour to one hour a day.

In order to get more opportunities and of higher value concentrate on increasing the Pagerank and Alexa Rank and your traffic of your site. You can do this by writing good articles and by increasing inlinks to your blog. You can visit their blog.


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Thanks for the info, i am going to check this out and see if it works

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