Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The West laying off employees. India inc hiring !!!

Citigroup on Tuesday cut 53,000 more jobs, triggering fears of more layoffs across industries. However, there are several top companies in India are hiring as if there is no recession.

SBI to hire 25,000 new hands, according to bank chairman O P Bhat. Fresh recruitment will be done this fiscal—20,000 in the clerical cadre and 5,000 supervisory staff

Bank of India to hire 10,000 over the next few months. This, on top of over 30,000 fresh recruits in 2008-09. In next 2 years, the bank plans to take in 75,000

Accenture will hire 10,000 people in India by 2010, says COO Stephen J Rohleder

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, top global mgmt consultants, looking to hire 3,500 in India in 3 years

MetLife, a new private insurance co., will recruit 30,000 agents and 2,000 managers by March 2009, says CEO Rajesh Relan

Aegis BPO Services will add 1,000 people per month this fiscal


IIM Bangalore and IIM Calcutta say all their students have got placements for next year INFOTECH
TCS to hire 30,000-35,000 people this year, says a spokesperson. TCS made 24,789 technical campus offers for 2009-10, a 13% jump over this year

Infosys is sticking to plans of hiring 25,000 people this fiscal, says CEO Kris Gopalakrishnan. Infosys has made around 20,000 offers for next year

Satyam plans to hire 8,000-10,000 people this fiscal, says HR head S V Krishnan

L&T will hire 10,000 people over the next 3 years, according to CMD A M Naik Maruti has decided to hire 1,000 fresh hands despite the sluggishness in the auto sector, says a company spokesman

What's more Citibank India said that its global job cuts would have only a limited impact in the country.The transaction is expected to be completed in the current quarter, the release said.
Citibank had been considering exiting the BPO business for sometime to concentrate on its core competence of financial services. Thus, with the sale, Citi would now be able to focus strongly on banking.
Citibank's India head, Sanjay Nayar, had then said that the bank was consolidating all its businesses and wanted to focus on its core operations. The freed-up capital following the sale of its BPO arm would be used for its core businesses.
With the sale of its BPO arm, not many job cuts might now take place in its banking operations

Source: The Times of India


R@M said...

Accenture may or may not hire in 2010.Who cares abt should think about present.Accenture in India is the best of all the WORST IT Companies in the world.They hire people when they do not ahve any projects in hand.They will keep them on bench for years together and ultimately those people will forget whatever they ahd learnt from their prior experience and will depend on Accenture.Its during that time, Accenture will cleverly put these people under PIP which is called PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT PLAN and they will keep on assingning work which in no way related to their primary skill.End of the day that person will be thrown out saying he didnt perform.Sametime Accenture will advertise as if they are hiring,just to keep everyone's mind that Accenture is a safe place to work...this is how it works...iam working with Accenture,Bangalore as a Lead and iam writing this after seeing so many people spoiling their life joining Accenture