Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reviews of web hosting services to reduce your dilemma

Blogspot, wordpress, etc are nice platforms if you are blogging for fun and you are not serious about blogging. They are free and easy to use and you don't have to bother about hosting,etc.
But the problem is that they do not create a brand image of your blog. It will always remain another blogspot or wordpress blog. You might get good traffic but not to the full potential of your blog.

So, you have decided to buy your own domain and host it. It will be daunting task to choose the hosting company as there several companies and all are out to confuse you. Buying domain is easy but choosing the hosting service is not.

Enter Web Hosting Geeks , a website which reviews the hosting service providers. The web hosting reviews on their site is impartial and complete.The need for such website is that as there are dozens of companies offering the “same” packages for different prices,you wouldn't know which offers of the hosting service provider would suit you the best. The reviews on this website is based on every aspect ie. tech support , software,customer support, traffic, space, price, quality, etc.

They also have great articles regarding web hosting. Check out their web hosting guide.