Friday, August 29, 2008

Unique way to monetize your traffic

After reading this great blog post on several unique ways to monetize your blog I hit upon this idea.

Monetize your visitors through metacafe, revver, or best as a Youtube Partner which pays you for your uploaded videos on view count,etc. I mean, if your blog gets over 1000+ visitors per day, you can upload videos to these sites and embed the video on your blog. The visitors combined with your subscribers are going to hit the play button. This will increase your videos view count which will help your video to make it to the front page of these sites bringing more viewers and more revenue.

However, the video should be related to your blogs content. Eg. If you have a blog related to stock market trading, make and upload a video related to stock trading,etc.

Just imagine, how much (more!) money Perez Hilton would make. He is rumoured to have around 4 million unique vistors a day and as many subscribers. Even if, 25% hit the the videos play button he would earn a lot of money which would be a fortune for rest of us.