Friday, August 15, 2008

The fastest man to overshadow all

Michael Phelps gold winning streak will be out of limelight for a while as Men's 100 meters sprint is about to take place. He will be the most talked about person and admired,too. After all this might,arguably, be the oldest game of the world.

This is not to undermine the effort and the triumphs of the other champions, "but the fastest man in the world" is a breed apart evoking shock and awe and admiration.

The 100 m race not just symbolises love for sport but also the acme of achievement in sport. Nothing can quite capture the magic and meaning of human endeavour than this race where athletes train for 10 years while the result is out in less than 10 seconds.

After Ben Johnson was stripped of the gold he won after he finished first at Seoul olympics 1988 , the 100 meter athletes have been on the radar of the anti-doping officials.

But the 100m sprint has never lost it's appeal. This year we have got the most anticipated games in our hand. It will be Powell vs Bolt vs Gay and of course there can be an upset.