Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why tech websites and blogs should not use third-party advertising like AdSense

Technological websites are money makers. The more how-to related articles in your sites the more visitor you tend to get. Internet related sites too get good traffic.
So in order to monetize from it you need to put ads on it. The first choice is of course Google's Adsense due to it's good CTR and CPC. Then there are several like chitika, ypn, bidvertiser, etc.

However, the problem is that most of your users would be geeks,(not true for reviews website as non-geeks will also vist for reviews) they probably might have embraced Firefox and most probably might have installed addon called Adblock Plus which blocks most of these ads.
You might have noticed that impression shown in your adsense stat is less than the actual impression. So, how to go around this?

The option is to have direct advertising hosted on your own server. As the url of the ad will be different(adblock plus works by detecting ad url like pagead..... for adsense) adblock plus will not be able to block this. But, make sure your url does not contain the word "ads", "sponsored",etc.
However, visitors can block these ads manually. But then only regular visitors would do this. Search engiene visitors will see your ads and hopefully click it.