Friday, September 26, 2008

11 must-have free Windows Mobile apps

The iPhone and Google's android might be hogging all limelight but one can ever ignore the most dominant OS maker,for both PC and SmartPhones, MicrosofT Windows. This a list of several free apps for your Windows mobile. Please note that I have provided links to the page where you can download the softwares,but in any case if the link is broken you can Google search the software's name to find relevant links.

Task Manager: vBar is a task manager for windows mobile devices. It is available for free at The vbar icon locates itself neatly in the title bar and has two basic options- close all and close all but active. The software is of 21 kb.

Data Backup: PIM is a free software from DOTFRED. Contacts,call logs, messages,etc can be backed up. You can restore these files in other devices as well.Option for compression of data and you can schedule to back up data automatically.

PDF Viewer: Windows official PDF reader is available at Adobe. It is of 3 mb. You can view files in portrait as well as landscape mode.You can zoom in and out.

Feed Reader:Stay updated on the move. Get the latest news,blog posts and podcasts on your mobile. Screenyx RSS reader is available for download from

Cleaner: Speedclean is a utility to clean up temporary files and cookies. This increases the performance of your mobile. It is available for download from

Web Browser: Opera has two browser options for Windows mobile. Opera mini - which works on most mobile and Opera mobile which is feature rich. You can download them from

Video Player: TCPMP is free open source media player like VLC of P.C. It is available at The video player is quite good but there are several plugins to make it even better.

Screen Capture: CECapture is a free tool of 54 kb size available at Another one is Screencap of 11 kb and is available from
These softwares save the image in my documents folder as uncompressed bitmap files.

Unzip utility: EasyUnZip from is a 461 kb free download that helps you handle all your zip files

Activity Simulator: It is necessary to have the backlight of your mobile on while reading a doc,etc. But the backlight will automatically go off after some time. To avoid this you can use KeepAlive from .

Notepad: MADE is a text editor of 100 kb available at It can handle multiple files at a time, open large files and can handle different formats. You can edit html,CSS, XML,etc.

Image Viewer: PocketCM image viewer from is a image viewer for Windows Mobile that uses touchscreen functionality to it full potential.

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