Sunday, April 20, 2008

Signs of an arrogant DIGGER

10. You spam Digg.
09. You directly click the "I swear" button without even bothering to read the duplicates page.
08. You have no friends on Digg.
07. You feel commenting is not worth your time.
06. You just use digg to submit link.
05. You digg any thing that interests you by title ,but you don't visit the URL
04. Even though digg sends you most of the traffic, you blog about how useless the traffic is compared to search engiene traffic.
03. You only visit the home page and digg and visit the link you like. For you upcoming pages does not exist.
02. You don't login while using digg. You just visits some Links and leave.
01. You don't have a Digg account. Just use it and leave.